ETUDE My Lash Serum 0.3fl.oz(9g) 21AD | Easy And Comfortable Daily Eyelashes Serum With Biotin | Appearance Of Longer, Thicker Looking Lashes | K-beauty - REVIEW

  • I had lost a few lashes and it caused a empty space between my lashes. So I purchased this and it is amazing. I used it for for 3 days and my eyelashes filled back in, it is a wonder product I promise you. I bought a very pricey one years ago but it didn't do anything except irritate my eyes. This didn't bother my eyes at all. It's honestly an amazing product. This is a must try!! ☆☆☆☆☆5 stars
  • It’s a cheap and does show results! From this, I felt it made my lashes feel different, but in a good way. It sort of made them feel softer. It really does grow your lashes after a week.
  • I am on my second tube of this and I love it. I can notice some lengthening of my lashes and they seem a little more full. This doesn't irritate my eyes or skin, I use on both lashes and brows. My brows have filled in , in spots where they were overplucked in the 90"s. I will be repurchasing.
  • I tried a more expensive and well known product. It did nothing. This serum is not in my opinion a lash growth product but an excellent lash conditioner. I love it so far!
  • I rapidly noticed a difference and if your wondering , if you got it on your eye it won’t burn , so many times I got it on my eye and it didn’t hurt at all 🤣 Oh! And you can also use it on your eyebrows !
  • I absolutely love this eyelash serum. I have used it for years and when I use it consistently I can really see a difference in growth and overall health of my lashes. I was a little worried about buying it here from Amazon since some of the reviews said it wasn't sealed. But thankfully mine came in the box completely sealed (I ordered the large container this time). Definitely recommend! Just know that you need to be consistent with it, every day in order to see results. But I feel like I can see it pretty quickly.
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  • KEY INGREDIENT BIOTIN - It’s An Essential Component That Support Hair Health, Which Is Also Used In Shampoo And Supplements. Now Use Biotin To Strengthen Your Lashes
  • CLEAN BASE - The Product Has Been Upgraded To A Clear, Transparent Formula That Absorbs Into The Skin Without Stickiness
  • MASCARA APPLICATOR TYPE Mascara Brush Is Used As An Applicator, A Screw Brush Type Which Delivers The Serum To The Eyelashes And Deeply Upon The Roots Throughly
  • BELOVED FOR PAST 15 YEARS My Lash Serum That Promotes The Appearance Of Longer, Thicker Looking Lashes
  • BEST FOR Who Concerned With A Weak, Thin And Short Lashes
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