Air Stocking Premier Silk [PS04] Bronze 120g - REVIEW

  • I am 66 years old, and have been wearing leg makeup for years.Believe me, I have tried EVERY brand ever made!!Air Stocking is an excellent product. As a brand, It goes on smoothly and Is one of the very few leg makeups that truly does NOT transfer onto clothes or shoes.It is helpful if you spray it on then rub it onto your legs to spread it out a bit.It may be a bit hard to wash off of your hands tho.Lol.This stuff REALLY stays on!When you shower after the first day, you will have to wash it off if you want it gone.Otherwise It will stay on for 2 days, which I think is a real plus.It is not cheap, but the price is worth it!The Bronze color was too dark for me, as I am a redhead with very reddish fair skin.If you have a medium skin tone, you wil like the bronze.The terra cotta color gives me some color and looks natural.I RARELY recommend body makeups.But this brand gets 5 Stars from me.As an aside, this Seller went the extra mile for me and gave me a refund for the bronze.That was going the extra mile for a customer, so I not only recommend this product, but I also highly recommend this seller.
  • I've been using Air Stocking for several years. Since I have fair skin I started out with the lighter shades, but they didn't make much difference.Then I tried the Bronze color, and I love the way it takes the edge off of the whiteness.You can use a heavier application to cover spider veins too! You definitely have to spray in the shower to avoid making a mess on your floor. Work very quickly to spray with one hand and rub the product in with the other in small sections, avoiding knees and ankles. You'll get better at making it look even the more you do it. It will stay on for several days as long as you just rinse in the shower without rubbing anything on like soap or lotion.If you make a mistake and get your knees too dark, just use soap to rub some of the color away.
  • I have vitiligo and this product gives me great coverage.Once it’s dry it does not appear to rub off.It goes fast though.I will continue to buy this.
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  • AirStocking is a popular spray foundation for legs, which has been sold more than 3 million pcs all over the world.
  • AirStocking have 5 color variations; [PS01] light natural, [PS02] Natural, [PS03] Terra-cotta, [PS04] Coco, [PS05] Bronze, therefore our product will match various skin colors! You just have to spray it directly on your legs, and it will cover the majority of the marks, the bruises and spider veins, leaving very little to see., Your leg skin will become surprisingly attractive!
  • Contains tea extracts and silk protein to moisture your skin while protecting from sun damages and dehydration.
  • AirStocking Premier Silk series: Rich and silky texture leaving a smooth velvet touch on your legs, looking irresistible.
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