100% PURE Maracuja Oil Mascara Dramatic Intense Volume & Length Natural Fruit Pigmented Voluminous Eyelash Makeup No Clumping, Smudging or Flaking - Vegan, Black Tea Color - 0.35 oz - REVIEW

  • this is my absolute favorite mascara! It keeps my lashes super healthy, smells like chocolate, lasts good throughout the day, and doesn’t require too many coats! I wouldn’t recommend this for your bottom lashes though, when I use this on my bottom lashes it smudges throughoutthe day
  • Great organic mascara! I’ve used ones before that stay wet all day but this one stays all day! I love the feeling of using clean products. Plus it smells like chocolate! I’m running up to my boyfriend and telling him to smell my eyes.
  • Mascara with a oddly pleasing scent that doesn’t hurt my eyes—good if your eyes are sensitive to normal mascaras!
  • I chose this mascara because it has no harmful chemicals in it. And it worked well at first. However, after a couple of weeks, it caused my eyelids to itch, so I quit using it.
  • I love this brand!Not waterproof but lasts pretty long. It’s the only mascara I use.
  • This mascara will make your significant other enjoy smelling your face because it makes you smell like chocolate brownies.
  • There are many complaints about mascara for those who like to pile it on and wear it a long time.My hunt has been for ANY mascara that my eyes can stand and I've tried them all.This one works.I let it dry between applications and do a couple; it helps to use a lash curler first, but this is great for super sensitive eyes.I've struggled long and hard for any products I can wear so I'm happy with what I got.Now I can stop wasting money trying products, and no more red, swelling, itching, hurting, watering, miserable eyes!
  • I like that there are no toxic ingredients in this mascara. It goes on a little light, though. Adding another application on top of the first helps. Wish it were a little more smudge resistant.
  • Looking for a plant based mascara and I think I found it on my first try. The only problem is I drool when applying lol. Ok, so it's clumpy on the wand, I wiped it on a tissue and it's SUPER smooth and rich! My eyelashes are blonde on the bottom so it looks like I don't have any and now I don't use eyeliner. My top lashes get so long that they are touching the inside of my sunglasses. The best part is for the first time it doesn't feel like the mascara weighs my eyelids down, if that makes any sense to anyone.
  • I love this mascara and have been using it for yrs. I have tried the different colors and this one is best for me for my haircolor. I love that it doesn't bother my eyes at all. It looks nice and smell is great too.
  • I love 100 percent purest products. I use all their makeup. Its clean, cruelty free, vegan products. I have used them for years would recommend
  • This has been my favorite mascara brand for a number of years. The only issue with my last order is that the application brush is really fat and makes it difficult to be precise while applying. I’m used to the skinnier brush but perhaps that was not an option in production this time.
  • Patience and multiple coats required! The smell is amazing although I would suggest curling your lashes before applying. I love that nothing toxic is going near your eyes but I did find myself having to apply several coats to achieve the look of my regular mascara. I would not say it is great in lengthening. So, if you have invisible lashes and looking for that type of mascara this would not help but if you have long lashes and don't mind working with it, it's a great add. Does smear on top but just take a q-tip wears-wears well throughout day.
  • Truly is the best mascara I've ever used !! Awesome brush, no chemicals that make your eyes water and easy to wash off without any smears 😊
  • I've been looking for a gentler option for a long-lasting mascara. I hate how smudgy many mascaras get around my eyes in humid weather, but I also don't like harsh ingredients around my eyes that need to be scrubbed away.I've used some 100% Pure cosmetics several years ago and I appreciate the fact that most of their ingredients are plant-based and gentle. This mascara promised to be long-lasting and it was discounted (from its normally steep $26 price).It smells really good, which is no doubt due to ingredients like passionflower oil, rosemary, thyme, and lavender extracts. It goes on smoothly without clumping and gives a natural-looking emphasis to my lashes. I prefer mascara that looks natural and isn't too heavy or dramatic. If you're looking for extreme length and volume, this probably won't be enough for you.It held up through hours of wear outdoors on a humid day and only smudged a tiny bit when I rubbed my eyes. But, it washed off fairly easily.The regular price is a bit more than I like to spend on mascara, but it's definitely good quality and suits my needs.
  • This is the only mascara my daughter will use. The color is rich a beautiful natural look.The smell is fun but goes away when dry so your smelling chocolate all day.I love that this is a clean makeup way less chemical and garbage
  • My husband approves of the look and purity! Thank you .. I will be ordering more items from this brand
  • This mascara is a 10+++! It goes on beautifully and it actually has a pleasant smell. I’m so thankful to the creators of this product for striving for something natural, safe, and ethical.Can’t wait for them to restock so I can try more of their products :)
  • Makes my lashes look naturally longer, not caked with mascara. Love that it’s clean and vegan.Will buy again
  • I have been using this mascara for several years now on my top lashes. I have tried Beautycounter, Jones Road, Clinique, and many other mascara brands, and nothing beats this particular mascara. It seems to be a perfect combination of the brush and the formula, producing thick, separated lashes. No clumping, ever. And it smells absolutely amazing (the Dark Chocolate smells like chocolate, and the Blackberry smells like berries).
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  • NATURALLY BOOST YOUR LASHES - Our lush lengthening eye wand is colored with the world's first globally patented fruit pigmented technology infused with luscious oil from passion fruit, to smoothly coat each lash without clumps or flakes.
  • AMAZING VOLUMPTIOUS PEEPERS - Moisturizes and volumizes while it dramatically coats with Maracuja oil rich in linoleic acid; natural pigments and caffeine from black tea, coffee and cocoa powder provide max stay and fade-proof length.
  • LEAF TO LASH, JUST THE GOOD STUFF - We left out the harsh stuff to let your eyes thrive with clean nourishing ingredients, conditioning Pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, and lash-thickening seaweed to enhance volume and promote healthy hair growth.
  • GIVE YOUR LASHES SOME LOVE - Tapered oval tip for buildable deep midnight black color packed with antioxidants and nutrients delivering perfect water resistant cover and feathery, natural looking volume for women or men.
  • BEAUTY DOESN'T GET ANY CLEANER - You don't have to choose health or beauty, have both. With well-researched healthy, natural, and organic ingredients and strict purity standards, we bring cruelty-free, ethically sourced products without harsh toxic chemicals, heavy metals, fragrances, or dyes. Gluten-free, vegan, and Made in the USA.
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