Lilly Lashes Royalty - Lite Mink Lashes | False Eyelashes Perfect for Small, Mono Lid And Almond Eyes | Cat Eye Mink Strip Fake Dramatic Fluffy Flare Lashes 15mm length, Reusable Up to 15 wears - REVIEW

  • This was my first time putting on my own false lashes and I loved the look and feel. I will definitely buy again in the future.
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  • Mink Lashes: Add an effortless touch to any eye look with this ultra-light flare lite faux mink style that mimics your natural lash formation.
  • False Eyelashes: Subtly flare and soft with natural volume. The perfect false lashes for small, mono lid & almond eyes. 100% real mink lashes
  • How-to-apply & reuse: Comfortable, lightweight adhesive strip lashes. Customize your lashes to your eye shape. To remove, securely grab the inner corner of the band to pull off the lash and put lashes back in the high-quality storage case. Wear lashes up to 15 times. Do not wash. (Lilly Lash Adhesive sold separately)
  • Handmade with Care: 100% handmade false eye lashes. Non-irritant.
  • Natural Looking Eyelashes: Our natural false lashes focus on comfort while blending seamlessly, giving you a natural look.
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