25 Pairs (50Feets) Spray Tanning Feet Pads Disposable Sunless Airbrush Tanning Tent Foot Protection - REVIEW

  • I’ve been very pleased with these.They adhere great! In fact I have a hard time pulling them off because they stick so well.Someone said in Their review that they don’t stick because of the barrier cream…DUH! You don’t need the barrier cream with these and no amount of sticky including super glue is going to stick to something with cream or oil on it! LOL. Anyway, for the price, they are really all you need for a 10 minute spray tan session.It’s not like you’re going to being walking the streets of NYC with them!I don’t know what some people expect from a piece of cardboard.They are designed to protect your feet from getting black on the bottom and that’s what they do!The only problem I have with them is the length. I have smaller feet and they are very long so a bit hard to maneuver in but not a deal breaker. Just wish they made them in small medium and large instead of one size.
  • These feet are not durable . The moisture soaks thru the bottom.Price is good but there are better versions.Just ok. For the few minutes you're having the spray tan it's fine. Basic. Also whole foot not sticky...just 2 small areas. So, they tend to get crooked.Beats buying them from the shop
  • I had no problems getting these to stick to my feet. Stayed on through entire spray tanning session. Checked the bottom of my feet upon exiting the spray booth and feet were completely free of over spray and residue left behind in booth. They are worth the money. Highly recommend if you Don't want to walk around looking like you went barefoot in dirt.
  • Absolutely love these! My clients have no issues with them! Definitely recommend ! Wouldn’t buy them from anywhere else!
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  • 25 Pairs (50Feets)Disposable, deluxe Tanning feet
  • Ideal for use during tanning treatments
  • A great alternative to flip flops or spa sandals
  • Will not interfere with tanning application
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