Temporary Tattoo for Women and Men, 77 Sheets Realistic Temporary Tattoos Lion Wolf Owl Elk Snake Butterfly Rose for Girls Boys, Waterproof Half Arm Fake Tattoos for Adults Chest Shoulder Neck Hand - REVIEW

  • Good quality, does what I need it to do. Fairly easy to apply. Doesn't last very long.
  • I liked them and used them for tracing, to practice the real tattooing. Stayed on until i put baby oil or alcohol on it. Then it rubs off really easy, no scrubbing.
  • These temporary tattoos are AWESOME. They really do look like real tattoos. The color is amazing. They are so simple to put on and they last a really long time. I am really impressed with the quality of these and I will definitely be buying some more.
  • they are fairly realistic to be honest. I fooled my coworker with one of them.not really gonna come off with water, you'll need something else to get them off.
  • This temporary tattoo set is one of the best I’ve used thus far. I’m a big fan of the art prints (the girl with snakes is my favorite) and even with the open placement it lasted for a surprisingly long time. When it inevitably did start to fade to the point that it was noticeable, I used alcohol on a cotton pad and it came off incredibly easy. I’ve used over half of them now along with my daughters and every experience with them has been a positive one. I’ve had a few sets in the past that would transfer horribly and break the image entirely but these transfer quickly and look great. Would absolutely recommend these to anyone considering them as an option!
  • These are very easy to apply temporary tattoos. The images are very realistic and make it difficult to tell they are fake especially from a little distance. They last longer depending where you place them, for example my boyfriend liked to put them on his neck, they wore off quickly, but he has long hair and I believe the oils from his hair caused them to come off.
  • My kids love these temporary tattoos as they look a lot more like real ones than most do. They are pretty good quality and stay on for awhile. They are easy to apply but a little harder to get off than most others.
  • The details of these tattoos are amazing. I really love that they are long lasting.
  • Let me tell you how fun these are.I actually had someone telling me that it was not fake, that it was a real tattoo.Hard to prove wrong as it just doesn't budge.Trick is to read directions...
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  • 【77 SHEETS/LOT】It comes in bigger and smaller sizes, Half arm tattoos can cover your body parts large, size 7.48 * 3.74 in (19 * 9.5 cm) * 17 pieces, small lovely tattoo stickers size 3.74*2.2 in ( 9.5 * 5.6cm)*60pieces. Semi permanents tattoo also can apply them to some smooth objects, like glass, cup, stationery, phone case etc.
  • 【EASY TO USE】In 10-20 seconds with just water, you can paste it quickly in less than a minute, they keep a natural look for 3-5 days (like a fresh tattoo). And it is also easily removable, washable, clear off by rubbing with alcohol or body oil.
  • 【WATERPROOF&LONG LASTING】The temporary tattoos are waterproof, non-toxic and non-allergic. You don't have to worry about sweating, bathing, swimming and other activities will wash it off. The fake tattoos will last for 3-5 days. If you are more careful, it will stay on your skin longer.
  • 【REALISTIC&PAINLESS】If you are scared to get a real tattoos, temporary tattoos for men, women and teens will be your best choice. Get one like a real tattoos without any pain and leave no scar! The DIY fake tattoo can show your personality and express your ideas.
  • 【FOR MUTIPLE ACCASION】Suitable for different occasion of party, school, holiday, photograph, nightclub, beach, wedding, bridal showers, sleepovers, music festivals, costume, workplace, and daily-life. You can stick it on the arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, collarbone, neck, chest, etc. Mixed and match a great combination of tattoos together even your friends will think it was real! Enjoy this mostly-fun thing with your friends and family!
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