Eyebrow Pencil Gray Waterproof Smooth Natural Vegan Cruelty Free (Gray #5) - REVIEW

  • I have tried many eyebrow pencils most made my eyebrows look painted on.I am leery trying the micro blading just yet.This eyebrow pencil is shaped different fills in just the right amount and does not look artificial.Stays on all day I really like this product and would highly recommend this to anyone that is self conscious about thinning eyebrows.
  • Using light strokes gives you a beautiful light gray color. Adding pressure darkens to a very gray almost gray black color. I like how you can outline the eyebrow and then easily fill in. The auto pencil is creamy and goes on smooth and easy. The blending brush on the opposite end works great and blends color smoothly. I have tried many other pencils and this one is my favorite.
  • I'm letting my hair go naturally gray and I wanted to be prepared to change my eyebrow shade. This is a darker shade than I thought. More of a slate grayish black. Too dark for me as my eyebrows are a reddish brown that are turning a lighter gray than this pencil colors. But these are a good quality pencil that color easily.
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  • Color matches perfectly with your natural color, it’s thin so it’s possible to draw thin lines that looks like hairs. If you have very, very sparse brows and you want to find something that stays in place and looks natural.You can try it.
  • If you’re not familiar with using this type of pencil I strongly recommend not to twist up too high or press too hard
  • Since this is waterproof, even you can have a bath, and it's still there when you get out, Giving you a good long-lasting brow.
  • Great color,goes on smoothly,the pencil is slanted and pretty easy to use.it stay whole day and don't even look heavy.it's a pretty good choice for a newbie.
  • Safely wrapped,the pencil is plastic-coated so you know that it hasn’t been open before, it’s important for hygiene purpose.it’s smudge proof and easy to use.It saves time in addition to having a exact result
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