BEYELIAN Lash Extension Kit Cluster Lashes Kit with 168 Pcs Lash Clusters, Clusters Eyelash Applicator Tool, Cluster Lashes Bond and Seal Super Hold, Clusters Lash Glue Remover Easy to Apply at Home - REVIEW

  • Great curl love the look and the base strip is thin and makes it feel natural on the lash.
  • Easy to apply on both eyes, multiple lengths make lashes look natural. So happy with this product
  • Used it on my sister instead cuz I like a little darker ones of the bellelian lashes.
  • Great set of lashes that comes with everything you need.If you do your lashes a lot you may already have your favorite adhesive and tweezers, but if you're starting out or just need a spare, this is a great set.I truly appreciate the thin lash band.Very soft full clusters.These are among my favorites!
  • This kit includes:-4 sizes of lashes(10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm)-Tweezer tool to apply lashes-Eyelash glueI thought that these lashes were gonna be more dramatic. However, they give you a natural, thick lash look. The tweezer tool that came with these cluster lashes help me easily pick up the lashes(without ruining them). The tweezers also help me apply my lashes effortlessly(so easy!). Another thing that I like is that the glue works well and it can last throughout the day without your lashes falling off. That’s a huge plus for me.Overall, these lashes make your eyes look beautiful, they are easy to apply and they stay put. What more could you ask for?
  • BEYELIAN Lash Extension Cluster Kit,168 Pcs - $23.19Comes with a little bit of everything to get yourself started right away if you're just beginning.Curler, tweezers, bonder, remover.Lightweight, stick well, and easy to remove.And a very large assortment.At 168 pieces, these should last for a while.
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  • ❤️All-Inclusive Starter Kit - Unleash the power of DIY Lashes and elevate your lash game with the EasyLash DIY Lash Extension Kit, featuring 168 ultra-fine band Cluster Lashes, the 2IN1 Lash Bond and Seal, Cluster Lash Remover, and a Mini LashRising Applicator. We provide all you need for an enchanting lash transformation.
  • ❤️Supreme Comfort for Breathtaking Lashes - Experience unparalleled comfort with our ultra-fine band lashes. The featherlight 0.3mm superfine band ensures a seamless, weightless feel while delivering breathtaking volume and length. Crafted with premium materials, these lashes provide a luxurious experience for every occasion.
  • ❤️Effortless Application & Gentle Removal - BEYELIAN exclusive 2IN1 Lash Bond and Seal ensures a secure, long-lasting hold that is both beginner-friendly and stress-free. Embrace hassle-free removal with our Cluster Lash Remover, which leaves your natural lashes nourished and residue-free.
  • ❤️Precision Tools for Flawless Results - BEYELIAN Mini LashRising Applicator is a true game-changer, meticulously designed to simplify lash application. You'll achieve a captivating, flawless effect that commands attention.
  • ❤️Unbeatable Value and Versatility - Unleash your creativity with 168 ultra-fine band Cluster Lashes and a range of essential tools, all at an exceptional price point. The BEYELIAN DIY Cluster Lash Kit guarantees extraordinary value, allowing you to create infinite lash styles with ease.
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