Almay Mascara, Thickening, Volume & Length Eye Makeup with Aloe and Vitamin B5, Hypoallergenic-Fragrance Free, Ophthalmologist Tested, 402 Black (Pack of 1) - REVIEW

  • Very easy to apply mascara that gives both volume and length. The only downside is it smudges on your eye lid and brow bone. But it’sCruelty Free which is always a win!
  • As an Esthetician and makeup artist I’ve tried lots of different brands, both over the counter and professional brands. Went in search of a pure mascara line when I started having some challenges with lashes falling out. So happy I found this one! Both thickens and lengthens, and no clumping or flaking. Absolutely love it.
  • I have tried numerous mascaras over the years.I purchase this one over and over because it doesn't smudge, doesn't flake, builds thick lashes without clumping, and does not irritate the eyes. I have worn this to weddings, parties, full days at work and it is always reliable. I always keep a backup. In contrast, the Loreal Voluminous is a garbage mascara that smears everywhere and Loreal Lash paradise flakes all over the face. Many others make my eyes burn. It is a shame nobody talks about the Almay mascara.
  • My eyes are sensitive to make up so I have been using this one for years, it's the only one that works for me.
  • I’ve tried SO many mascaras over the years. This one is one that I would purchase again! Gives great volume, separation, and length! Great for an everyday mascara!!
  • I have bought lots of mascara over the years as we all have. Looked for something that would make my lashes look longer. Tried a lash curler which I have abandoned in last five years. My eyes are dry too. When I bought this something about it caught my attention. Can't think to write now what it was. BUT, it is the best I have ever bought. Makes for longer looking lashes, stays on, makes lashes look thicker. Don't need a curler. I would highly recommend. It does get thick, so just clean well between uses, but like most women, I can go a coule of days if I'm tired between taking it off and reapplying. No haters please.
  • I tried many mascaras including higher priced store brands but THIS Almay mascara was the BEST!
  • i’ve tried multiple brands and they hurt my eyes after about an hours wear(i have a dry eye issue, and overall sensitive eyes), i was going to give up on mascara but then i was recommended this brand because it’s hypoallergenic and it’s probably the best mascara i’ve ever owned! not only can i wear it for 5+ hours with no eye pain, but it looks great, stays put and builds really well! definitely recommend trying!
  • I have sensitive eyes which are prone to itching and dryness.Cover Girl doesn’t work for me anymore. Love this product!
  • The best think I liked about this formula is it's thick and lengthening at the same time. Gives the falsies look without wearing them. I usually do three coats. Sometimes mascara clumps which I dislike. Will have to use olive oil on lashes first maybe to maximize the brushes glide.
  • I have really enjoyed this mascara. With some of the mascara I have been using by the end of the day I want to rip my eyes out. This mascara does not cause my eyes any irritation and I have very sensitive eyes. It does a very good job of not clumping, and you can build it to the desired thickness that you want. It has really lasted and has not gotten clumpy. I would highly recommend this mascara.
  • This mascara is good for sensitive eyes. It is super easy and smooth to apply, as well as super easy to remove. It lasts all day long and you can barely feel you have it on.The reason why I give it 4 stars is that, while it gives lenght to your lashes, I just wish it was a little more dramatic. I am always looking for a mascara which does that, but if you just want to accentuate your lashes and prioritize sensitivity, this mascara is the perfect one. Also, the price is really good. I definitely do recommend it! I am glad I tried this brand.In the picture I am attaching:1. My natural lashes.2. With Almay3. With Thrive causemetics mascara (another mascara for sensitive eyes, but pricey), just to compare.
  • This is the first mascara I’ve found that looks AMAZING and accentuates my eyes without causing my sensitive skin to have a reaction! My lashes look bigger, longer, and so much more beautiful!
  • I really liked the coverage on my lashes from this product but alas there wasn’t much product in the tube.I know the price point was low on this mascara but it should have come with more product.Maybe this was a fluke so I will try a second time.
  • I don’t feel like I’m wearing mascara and that’s all that really matters at this point. Other mascaras give me this “weighed down” feeling and I didn’t realize that’s a sign of an allergic reaction until recently. I thought it was just the previous mascara flaking. This is good for my sensitive eyes. Is it the most thickening and dramatic mascara? No, but itdoes a decent job.
  • I love this mascara. It makes my puny lashes long and thick. Have purchased several times.
  • This looks nice going on and lasts all day but if you get it wet during the day, tears or rain, it really runs. It also doesn't come off well with soap and water.
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  • Build thicker lashes with no clumps, flakes, or smudges
  • Specially designed brush wraps mascara evenly around every lash as it separates for a full, lush, high-volume look
  • Formula infused with aloe and vitamin B5 to condition lashes
  • Ophthalmologist tested, meaning it's suitable for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers
  • As always, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, clean, and cruelty free
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