Anastasia Beverly Hills - DIPBROW Gel - REVIEW

  • Recently had microblading on brows and had several graying eyebrow hairs.I used very little of this on my brows and the gray haired instantly disappeared.No need to get them dyed now.Excellent product!
  • I am using regardless of the little bit of clumping - the color is great and very easy to use - small bit of clumping is the only issue - I resolve it after I have it on I use a clean brush to take out the tiny bits - so it is working ok
  • So I'm 56 and no grey yet!Even in my 3" roots (I work remote.- no one cares. But weirdly half of one of my eyebrows has disappeared. I love Anastatia's brow wand,, but I needed something to fill in the missing part. So now I'm like my mother drawing on half a brow. It also helps to even both sides out. But once again I got too dark. I have ashbrown base hair with a lot of highlights so I look blonde - various shades (I leave the highlights on for different time lengths with my top layer getting the most - I hate flat color) My natural color is dark moisey blonde (like my natural hair). The chocolate was wayyyy to dark. I tried caramel this time and stilll too dark. But I've tried less expensive brands and they didn't hold.These last a long time,so next tjme, I'll try taupe? The prices here on Amazon are almost half what Ulta charges. The brow liner pen does go on a little heavy, so be careful the first time if you're new to this brand.
  • I received one of these in a subscription box and ran out. I love the color and it lasts all day. It’s the perfect color for my ginger hair.
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