Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Device Package for Your Instant Custom Temporary Tattoos with Premium Cosmetic Full Color + Black Ink - Compatible w/iOS & Android devices - REVIEW

  • The media could not be loaded. I have several permanent inks on myself. Always prefer my tatts to be black, but I am surprised at the intensity that Prinker offers (the butterfly tattoos on the pic were made with Prinker). So rich, so intense. Never seen this kind of intensity with permanent ink. I also like the fact that we can upload our own design. Best way to try out designs (and sometimes try out the same design on diffrent body parts) before I decide on a permanent one. Highly recommended!
  • I am a self-proclaimed technie. Love buying new gadgets and new tech. Never had the habit of reading product manuals (who reads them anyways?). I must admit, I blanked when I unbox it. Being the savvy user, I immediately google for their video manuals and follow them exactly. While the videos are simple, it takes less than 4 minutes to go through them all. So easy to achieve the perfect tattoo! The video manuals are on their youtube channel (you don't have to thank me).
  • Love how dark the tattoos are! I was worried that it might smudge on my clothes, but it didn't! The trick is to wait for the ink to dry before you put on post-coating of the primer spray and roll your sleeve down. Come to think about it, it's common sense. If the ink is still wet, obviously it will smudge duh.
  • When I first found out about the pricing, I was like… no way. This is just way too expensive. But then, I also read that it can do around 1,000 prints! I like the fact that they use cosmetic ink. In the past, using tattoo stickers and henna had given me some skin issues but none of that with Prinker! Definitely safe on skin.
  • I am quite tanned and have plenty of hair.Thought it won't look nice on my skin, but boy oh boy, I was surprised! Stickers never work for my hairy skin but Prinker does! Look at how well the black turned out. Super happy and satisfied.
  • I was very sceptical in the beginning as the price is really steep. In fact, this item has been in my shopping cart for months. I then came across a few product reviews online (check out the one by Beebom on Instagram) and upon further research, I decided to give it a try. After a few rounds of practices, I was sold! Looks just like a real tattoo. Does not smudge yet easy to remove with just water and soap.Looking at the price again, each tattoo costs roughly $0.20 (since it was advertised that the cartridge can do about 1,000 prints) - definitely worth the price! And don't even get me started on the designs that are available - so many to choose from!
  • It worries me after reading some reviews about the Skin Primer. Found the full list of ingredients in the product description as well as their website and managed to confirm that I am not allergic to any of the ingredients. Guess that is why it made into the FDA list as cosmetic item.The reviews here also mentioned that their skin got dry and sticky after applying the Primer Spray. Guys, I think you guys sprayed too much. The instruction said one or two sprays as pre-coating and then one spray as post-coating. Worked totally fine for me, in fact, I love the smell!
  • very nice machine tattoo and very good ass man and also the color. Very good quality.
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  • CUSTOM TEMPORARY TATTOOS: Get creative with Prinker’s temporary tattoo machine. Choose from over 12,000+ temporary tattoo designs from our free mobile app, or design your own. Each Prinker ink cartridge applies about 1,000 tattoos. Max. tattoo size: 0.866 inches x 39 inches (W x L).
  • INSTANT TEMPORARY TATTOOS IN ONLY 3 SECONDS: Express yourself with black temporary tattoos. Upload any design and use the Prinker to glide it on skin in only 3 seconds. Try a custom instant tattoo with old-school phrases, minimal shapes, or bold designs. DIY pieces that speak your mind.
  • 100% NON-TOXIC & WATER-RESISTANT: Wear our water-resistant temporary tattoos all day long. Our cosmetic ink temporary tattoos use FDA VCRP-registered, cruelty-free cosmetic ink. Each tattoo lasts up to 2 days and washes off with water and soap. Use our Skin Primer before and after application to secure ink and help your tattoo last longer.
  • ORDER INCLUDES: 1 Prinker instant tattoo printer, 1 battery, 1 Black Left Ink Cartridge, 10.1 oz of Skin Primer (enough for about 1,000 tattoos), and 1 charging cable. Prinker S with Premium Black Ink allows you to only apply tattoos in pure black or grayscale. Prinker isn't suitable for printing on other surfaces, applying real tattoos, or for realistic graphics.
  • FOR ANY OCCASION OR EVERYDAY FUN: For all ages, including children and adults. Great for parties, events, festivals, DIY activities, body art, cosplay, etc. Or, school events that allow black temporary tattoos. Also perfect for marketing activations to help your brand stand out.
  • MADE IN SOUTH KOREA: Our high-quality beauty device and certified cosmetic inks are 100% manufactured in South Korea.
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