Annabelle Skinny Mascara, Black, 0.13 fl oz - REVIEW

  • I use to buy It product tight line this is just as good at half the cost. Worth every penny
  • I love the small wand! I've never been able to do a great job on my bottom lashes...turns out it was all about having a smaller wand!
  • this mascara is perfection - it's a 'tightline' style wand that gets right to the base of lashes and lets you push them up for a wide awake look. just add another coat after 30 seconds for more volume. ADORE!! and it comes off with just warm water.., a huge deal for me, i don't like to have to tug and rub with removers.
  • This mascara is very good for bottom lashes.Most mascaras have large wands that get mascara all over the face under the bottom lashes.This one does not.I tried to re-order but is out of stock.
  • I really like how it separates and lengthens the lashes but with a more natural look than most mascaras.
  • I LOVE this mascara!! The thin, straight wand is perfect for applying the mascara. I've never had a product that separated my lashes like this one does. Does not clump EVER!! I'll keep buying it again and again and again!
  • This mascara is great quality and the brush design is genius. Mascaras with a super-skinny wand like this one used to be everywhere, but not anymore. The small brush size makes it easy to get to the tiniest of lashes, especially the lower lashes and the outside corners. It also lengthens lashes because you can coat them root to tip without smudging or touching your lids.Awesome, awesome product and so reasonably priced!
  • I have lashes so tiny on one eye the lower lashes are longer. Tightline with it's tiny brush was the only thing that grabbed every lash and made them visible; until i found this! Same tiny brush, way better formula and price. It's a small tube but the price is worth it IMO bc it doesn't dry out after a couple of weeks nor does it get lumpy. If anyone at NYX is paying attention, Please, Please come out with a Brown as well as a waterproof formula. If this is ever discontinued i will cry.
  • This mascara works like any others I have had. It's not bad. It just won't make your eyelashes look any longer. It doesn't smear or anything.
  • I loathe mascara and generally do not enjoy make-up beyond a few lip treatments. I don't like the time, the effort, the money, the way it feels on my skin, the massive effort to get it off, the aging, the artifice and my complete lack of coordination (for reference, I have a Fine Arts degree, so hand-eye is not the problem, but the patience and specific skill to apply media to one's face).TLDR: good make-up is an art form, but I hate it on my face.I've spent my whole life successfully avoiding make-up, save for a minimal effort for job interviews and, again, my preference for lip liner/stick/gloss/etc. But there comes a time when the 50-ish woman realizes that Nature is cruel and suddenly you can't see your eyelashes anymore. They're still there, but somehow not showing up (literally)on the job.TLDR: The older you get, any grace you can find is appreciated.Enter THIS mascara. It's like rewinding time on your lashes to your 20s.It's not clumping, or volumizing, or extending, or anything that screams make-up or hairy caterpillars on my eyelids. It doesn't feel gummy when you close your eyes, and a touch of the finger removes any mascara that gets on your skin, which also means I will not need a scouring pad to remove the goo later.TLDR: Low commitment, low maintenance, low profile, feels like it isn't even there, and no one will know. you're wearing it, but it looks good.I stumbled across this wand design a few weeks ago - one of those outrageously-priced ones that I could never bring myself to buy unless on the steepest of sales - and was intrigued. So I found this one: affordable, sleek, and with the same minimal wand.I have always loathed mascara and I thought the problem was the goop. NOPE. The WAND is the magic. And this wand is the one for me. I can even see myself wearing this every day.
  • This is the skinniest, most thin mascara wand I’ve ever met, and it’s perfect for the lower lashes. I’ve also used L’Oreal Telescopic mascara because of the thin brush, and this brush is MUCH softer and doesn’t distribute as much product as the Telescopic, which can get a little messy. If you don’t like the little hard plastic teeth sorts of mascara wands, but still want to get close to the lash line with fluttery separation, definitely try this one.
  • I tried another skinny brush mascara and did not care for it at all.The bristles on the brush of the other mascara were sticking out making it difficult to apply to the lashes.I had purchased Annabelle Skinny Mascara previously and have since gone back to using it again.It applies nicely and lasts for an appropriate amount of time.I will continue to buy this brand!
  • It is perfect. Best brush I have ever used, bar none.Fat brushes don’t allow you to get close enough to the baseof the lash to get enough product there.This “skinny”. Brush does the job. I am ready to buy more. Love it
  • This is a mascara that I’ve been desperately looking for. I have super fine hair on both my body and head. If I don’t wear makeup then it looks like I don’t have any hair around my eyes either. But because my eyelashes are so fine I have a hard time putting mascara on my bottom lashes. Most mascara wands are just too big, and the mascara formula just too wet, to work on my bottom lashes. Mostly when I tried I would get the mascara all over my under eye. And if some of the mascara actually made it onto the lashes then they would instantly clump and spike. I had pretty much given up on wearing mascara on my bottom lashes at all.But the other day I was just scrolling on Amazon and suddenly I was inundated with recommendations for mascara with bottom lash friendly wands. I chose the Annabelle Skinny Mascara because the reviews were good, the price was right, and I liked the look of the wand. And it did not disappoint! I have never seen a wand so tiny. It hugs the bottom lashes. The formula is not too wet, and not too dry. It gives good length and great separation! And not once have I had it smudge or bleed on me. Nor have I struggled with keeping it away from my under eye. And with the wand so tiny you can really get right up to the base of the lasheswithout poking yourself in the eye. It’s also great for those really tiny lashes in the inner eye on the top lash line.However, this is not really a volumizing mascara. And if you try to build it up too much then it can start flaking. So keep it simple with just one or two coats and you will be fine. It also removes easily with your standard makeup remover. It’s not as easy as a tubing mascara, but not as difficult as a waterproof mascara either. It’s pretty comparable to the average non waterproof mascara for removal ease. I haven’t cried or gotten my face wet while wearing this yet, so I can’t say if it runs and smears with tears yet. But with luck I’ll never have to test it’s capabilities in that scenario.Frankly, if you have spider thin bottom lashes, or just really short lashes that are hard to put mascara on, then this is a great option to check out. Even if you don’t like the mascara formula, then it’s worth it just for the wand alone. Just clean the wand and use it with a mascara formula that you prefer. I’m interested in seeing if the wand will work with my favorite tubing mascara. Either way you won’t be disappointed.
  • I love the small wand. Much easier for me to apply. Exactly what I was looking for.Good color. Good staying power.
  • This the best mascara I have ever tried.The thin wand makes it so easy to use, especially on lower lashes.
  • I have tried almost every mascara on the planet, and I'm not talking drugstore mascara, I'm talking Nordstrom's and Sephora, and this very inexpensive mascara is now my favorite!It's probably not the mascara itself, but the wand, since it's soooo very slim.My lashes look great.
  • Perfect if you (unfortunately) have small eyes and most brushes go where you don't want them too.
  • I bought it for my bottom lashes but now I use it for the top as well! It creates a lengthy lash as that is what I struggle with!! Super satisfied with the product!
  • The product doesn't smudge or flake off.The brush is fantastic because I can use it on my top lashes for length and bottom lashes without smudges.Very easy to use.
  • I love this product. I'll be 70 this year and I finally have a mascara that doesn't clump... elongates lashes better than the mega brush mascaras,.... It separates my eyelashes super well... I can easily get in to the lashes close to my nose... and it also doubles as a great enhancer of my eyebrow hairs.
  • Disliking all the expensive mascaras that are full of “clumps”, I just wanted a mascara that complimented my lashes. (Thanks to Babe)…This mascaras does the trick and the price is great. Easy to apply and remove too.Thank you…
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  • Black lengthening mascara
  • Lengthens, extends and separates lashes
  • Enriched with carnauba extract to soften lashes and prevent flaking
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
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