CANMAKE Lash Care Essence - REVIEW

  • I haven’t noticed a lot yet but only time will tell. Doesn’t hurt my eyes like I’ve read in some reviews.
  • After almost finished the first one I can really see the lashes are growing longer.Just bought the second one, wish to see them getting thicker as well.
  • Excellent product!No allergies and i saw growing lashes after first aplication ( before go to bed).I lament the fact that I havent heard about this product before. Tank you Amazon for selling such a great product which impossible to find in stores.
  • My lashes have always tended to grow in really crooked and janky, to the point where I've actually had to pluck them before because they irritate my eyes so much. Unpleasant, to say the least. I've been curious to see if a lash serum would make a difference & I adore Canmake products, so I decided to pick this up.I use a magnifying mirror to apply it. On the first day, I noticed a new baby lash on each eye, closer to the waterline than the lid. These are the ones that would always cause me issues before. I carefully applied the essence nightly and observed, and only a couple of days later I could see that these lashes were growing very quickly and were curling upwards and blending in naturally with my other lashes. SO satisfying!!Two weeks in, my lashes look noticeably healthier and longer overall. I'm sold, and I'm excited to keep this as part of my nightly beauty regimen. While the difference isn't dramatic, it's 100% worth the extra step for me. Also, $6 is an incredibly good value compared to basically every other product on the market, and I know that Canmake (& Takashima, by extension) are reputable companies, which is important to me.I only wish this was an option for subscribe and save, because I'd subscribe to it without a second thought! Amazon, if you're reading this... *winks at u with my nice, non-crooked eyelashes* ;)
  • I have been using it for a month. I think it works because I don't see very obvious change but it seems that my eyelash gets a little better. I cannot tell the gain very well just a simple feeling. Anyway, better than nothing.
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  • CANMAKE Lash Care Essence
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