Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Gradual Tanning Lotion Light to Medium 5.9 Oz - REVIEW

  • I have been using light to medium as I have fair skin. It gives good coverage on arms and legs, and not streaky if you apply it very thoroughly with your hands making sure to go over and over the area so as not to miss spots or leave any streaks.
  • Goes on well and if you use sparingly you will be very happy! Works on face too. Just remember to use sparingly!
  • only tried it on my face once just got it will update in a couple of weeks
  • I really like Sally Hansen's Gradual Tanning Lotion. The lotion goes on smoothly and evenly. The lotion has a pleasant, lightly floral and/or clean fragrance. Within about 2 hours of applying the lotion, I can already see the beginning of the tan. With repeat applications, I am gradually developing a medium tan that is darker than my natural medium skin tones but not too dark; meaning, I will have a tan that looks like a natural tan.In terms of the lotion discoloring clothes or other things, I have a mixed experience. I let the lotion dry completely before dressing and so far I have had no transfer of the lotion's color to my clothes or objects my skin rests against, with one exception. After I shower, some of the tan's color will transfer to my towel. My tan does not completely wash away or rub off on the towel, but it is clear some does.
  • I purchased a black mitt as well to apply, made the process very easy, moisturize first, apply after my shower.I'm very fair skinned and buy the lightest color, doesn't look fake, gives me a healthy glow!
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  • Covers freckles, veins and imperfections.
  • Helps stimulate microcirculation for healthier and firmer looking legs and feet
  • Stays fresh and natural looking all day .
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