Manga Lashes Natural Look Anime False Eyelashes Individual Wispy Korean Makeup Eye Lashes Clusters 10 Pairs Asian Chinese Japanese Fake Eyelashes Pack by Geeneiya - REVIEW

  • this is my first time using lashes and i absolutely love them. before buying i had read the reviews of them saying they were very fragile but to be honest yeah they might be thin but definitely not too fragile. i would 100% recommend :)
  • I’m sure it’s almost a given to trim your lashes to clusters and as well to tight line your eyes to make the lash blend in. They look nice 👍
  • First pair that really worked for me.I've tried so many.Important to know you can wear these with eyeglasses!This has been an ongoing issue for me, many other false lashes are very pretty and some even light on the lids but this is the first pair that I can wear with eyeglasses that do not rub up against the eyeglass lenses.They are natural length but thicker than my natural lashes.See the photos, the cross weave of the lashes promote a graceful, natural look without wearing "catepillars".I'm a novice to this so pardon my sloppy application.Practice makes perfect, right?These are easy enough to apply and wear daily.I liked that each pair is in a container.The lashes have a little glue on the edges to adhere to the packaging.You will need eyelash glue, but that is very common with any set you order.I prefer to choose my glue and lashes separately.This is a perfect example of why I like to do that because these are the first set that really work for me.As an aging woman, my eyebrows and lashes are thinning and having these lashes makes my lashes look complete and full without extreme glamor.I feel comfortable wearing these without any other makeup.The lash line is clear so it blends with the eyelid nicely.I am incredibly impresses and will purchase again and again.Strongly recommend for anyone who wants a bit more than nature provides but without glamor look. Lashes are short enough to fit behind eyeglasses.
  • Sometimes I just want to look natural and not crazy long and glamorous. These fit that bill. They aren't super long and not super curly. They don't have much of a thick line that goes on your eyelashes so you don't need to build on that with eyeliner like others. These provide a natural but longer than my eyelashes. I'm in my late 50s and my eyelashes are getting super thin. This provides a more natural look.
  • Wore these to a Kpop concert, super cute. They’re just kind of short so if you are looking for ones that are really noticeable, I probably wouldn’t do these. OH! Also just a heads up, the band is super clear and thin so just be careful when lifting them out of the tray cause they will snag and/or tear and it ruins the lash instantly. Luckily there are quite a few but still, we lost about 3 this way
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  • Brand New Lashes that Look Like Clusters: These 14mm natural lashes are made of the best quality PBT material. Upgraded lash technology let the wispy lashes as natural as lash clusters.
  • Manga Individual Look Eyelashes: 7 Clusters classic wisps mixed with 6 clusters crossed individual wisps, creating a unique manga false eyelashes, fullness your eyes and help you create a charming blinks.
  • Invisiable Clear Lash Band: When girls begin to try clear band eyelashes, they will fall in love with their natural effect. The wide of 0.1cm clear lash band will let the natural false eyelashes blend to your own real eye lashes perfectly, 100% handmade Knotted, lightweight and soft.
  • Easier & Faster to Apply: Please use eyelash tweezers gently off the mink lashes, apply lash glue and wait about 10s, then apply the lashes on your eye liner, so faster and easier.
  • Eyelash Experts Promise: Geeneiya concentrates on researching fake eyelashes. I love you my lovely customers and I am willing to give everything for you. Please feel free to mail me.
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