Better’n Ur Lashes Organic Mascara (BLACK) | 100% Natural | Made w Certified Organic Ingredients | Non GMO | Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Eyes | Length & Volume | Vegan | Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • I loved the way it went on my lashes and looked wonderful. I'm so grateful to have found this remarkable mascara product. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and cannot use most mascaras. I have been searching for quite a while for the best, cleanest mascara I could use. Thank you ! I will continue to purchase this product and would like to try other products in your line.
  • I wore this out on a warm day walking a few miles, no run, smear, or flake off. I will try their other items.
  • This product did not make my eyes itch, or weep or smear! It is more expensive but my eyelashes are thin so I’m happy to wear this when I’m out and about.
  • I had been looking for a mascara that didn't make my eyes water and this was perfect.I have started buying all my makeup products from this company.
  • I have sensitive eyes and this is generally (unless my eye allergies act up) a great mascara for me.I have bought it twice and plan to continue using it.
  • I freaking LOVE this product!It doesn't make my eyes feel heavy and, as a bonus, it's the only mascara I've ever owned that SMELLS DIVINE.Like, legit, I could still smell it for about five hours.My eyelashes smelled like they went to a spa without me XD
  • First time use! Looks amazing. Better in person. Definitely will be buying another one! All natural non toxic amazing!!!! Love all natural products I support this.
  • I think that all the natural mascaras smear some, as does this one, but it works and I like it.I think that it would work better if it had a longer applicator to use when applying.
  • Love this! Cleanest mascara brand I could find! As someone with alot of allergies to this I needed to find a good mascara that was plant based and fragrance free. Works well! Notice a small plant like smell but I've gotten used to it and doesn't bother me and I'm not sensitive to it at all. Wore it for my sister's wedding! Beware if you cry though bring tissues to dab your tears cause I had to use my hands to keep from looking like a raccoon. But if you are cautious it works well!! Most of the time I where it and completely forget it's on. And as a previous not makeup wearer that says a lot!! Had some truly hilarious moments at night before bed where I yawn and rub my eyes and surprise 🦝 face 😂 because I forgot I was wearing it.Comes of easily with water and tissues or cu-tips which is AMAZING for someone who doesn't want the hassle of scrubbing makeup off your eyes at the end of the day!!
  • It has been difficult to find cosmetics that are toxin free that do what I intend. As a highly sensitive individual this is a big deal! I was ready to be disappointed when I ordered this mascara and was elated that I could actually use it and it looks great! This is an amazing product! Thank you!
  • This was not what I expected but would be a great waterproof mascara for some. I like to take off my mascara at night before bed with warm water… this mascara doesn’t come off easily with just water and I am not one for chemical makeup removers so it doesn’t work for me. It goes on lightly with no clumping. And it does smear and flake if it is worn to bed… which I guess I’d probably normal.
  • Too bad there are so many delays.I will not render, this is now the 2nd time this happened.
  • I love this mascara. I finally found the right mascara. I also love supporting American businesses. Totally worth the money.
  • The thing I liked most about Fifth & Skin organic vegan non toxic mascara and eye brow pencil makeup was the peace of mind I felt knowing their products are safe. Also that their products met my expectations; the color was true to advertisement and was easy to apply. I used the organic mascara and eye liner pencil to enhance the beauty of my eyes without the use of harmful ingredients. I would definitely repurchase and recommend Fifth and Skin products to others.
  • It seems like it doesn't last that long and I have to use a lot to coat my eyelashes.
  • Great mascara that stays on but comes off when you need it to.I cannot go back to the other non-natural stuff after using this.It's just so nice.I usually put primer under it if I want thicker looking lashes.
  • It definitely has helped my lashes a lot, I wish I could have taken a before and after pic but I can definitely see the difference. My lashes are longer, thicker, and I've grown more lashes since using this mascara. It works really well, the color is great and the consistency/texture of the mascara is good. The only thing I will say is that I don't love the brush, it wasn't the best for applying my eyes specifically. Also I agree with other customers that, it is a small size container, like travel size. I feel that for almost $23.00 they could at least have doubled the size/amount. It does wash off really easily which I do like since I want to be able to easily wash it off.
  • I haven’t been able to find a mascara that wouldn’t irritate my eyes in years.I tried this brand.It is perfect!No irritation or itching at all.I can finally wear mascara again!Thank you!
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  • ♥ GROW HEALTHIER LASHES: Silky Smooth & Smudge Proof | Seriously Thick & Long Lashes | Grow Thicker, Longer Lashes | Stop Unnecessary Lash Fallout from Toxic Chemicals!
  • ♥ TEAR RESISTANT & HYPOALLERGENIC: If Most Eye Cosmetics Irritate your Eyes Ours Probably Won’t! Great for Contact Users & Eye Conditions like Blepharitis, Sensitive Eyes, Dry Eyes
  • ♥ NON TOXIC / SAFE: 100% Natural | Made with Certified Organic Ingredients | Non GMO | Cruelty Free | Vegan | Gluten Free | Preservative Free | Mercury Free | Toxin Free | Petroleum Free | Lead Free | Dye Free | Sustainable
  • ♥ LONG LASTING & BUILDABLE VOLUME: Longer, thicker lashes that look Natural OR Dramatic (use 2 coats for drama). Let dry completely between coats to thicken and lengthen even more. Use under top lashes and on top for best results.
  • ♥ MADE IN THE USA: This is not a “questionable” product from overseas! Made right here, making and keeping jobs here in the good ole US of A!
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