Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Leg Makeup Lotion, Medium 4 Oz - REVIEW

  • I had never tried "leg" makeup before but I'm sure glad that I have now! I am 67 years old and my legs are still in pretty good shape but the color of them is uneven and scattered with broken veins and such. The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Leg Spray-On Makeup, Tan Glow works very well for me to help diminish the imperfections. I use a sunless tanner because my legs don't tan like the rest of my body; the leg make-up seems to blend out that color. I've used the leg makeup with and without moisturizer, which doesn't seem to make a difference. (I thought it might go on smoother.) The makeup is not what I would call moisturizing. I spray it into the palm of my hands, rub them together and then apply to my legs - doing so helps to lessen the "messiness" of the application. The leg makeup makes me feel much better when wearing shorts and dresses (no hosiery!) and stays on until Iremove it with a washcloth, soap and water. Overall, I am VERY pleased with this product!
  • I use it on legs, arms, chest and face. Looks natural. Has never rubbed on on clothes or bed sheets. I always let it dry about ten minutes before getting dressed.
  • It did a good job of hiding imperfections but my legs looked like they were made of plastic.
  • I usually get weekly spray tans in the summer.had to cancel an appt and started getting patchy before the next appt.I cleaned it all off with the loofah gloves and used this, in medium, to bridge the gap.moisturize first, put extra or a little vaseline on knees & around toes, & use JUST A LITTLE at a time & do in sections (thigh, calf, foot , then blend to knee at end), do not use the full quarter size at can put a second layer on where you need it, but it keeps it from getting orange that way.I did wear tight, white, Capri pants and when I took them off it rubbed and put stains on it but it washed right out in the washer.stays on even when it gets wet for a few days.When you want it off comes right off with soap and water.
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  • Leg makeup helps you achieve a flawless look without pantyhose.
  • Water- and transfer-resistant formula keeps everything in place.
  • Fast-drying formula can easily be worked into your get-ready routine.
  • STAYS ON: Water and transfer-resistant. Note: Removes easily with soap, water and a washcloth
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