Billion Dollar Brows Forever Lash Mascara, Length & Volume in Seconds, Waterproof Formula, Unique Silicone Wand, Professional Quality, Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • I have to agree with many reviews here. BILLION DOLLAR BROWS mascara isn't as great as the price point indicates and actually works about as well as mascaras I've found in those "everything for a buck" vendors. The main problem is with keeping lashes from clumping together during application, which can be unsightly and call for starting from scratch.It helps to have as little mascara on the wand before applying, so I'm doing a lot of trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube maneuvers. Oh well.
  • Goes on very well and stays on all day.It's waterproof so it's harder to remove than non-waterproof mascaras.Goes on nice and thick but doesn't leave big clumps.Rich, dark black that dries fairly quickly.
  • This is a good product per my wife.It’s easy to apply and waterproof.It does not give too much of length, but enough.She loves it.
  • This mascara is awesome and it makes my lashes look beautiful - so nice and thick, but no clumps or flakes anywhere. It is waterproof though and I found it difficult to remove. However, I can’t give it less than five stars because my lashes are pretty much invisible without mascara and this mascara makes my lashes look super long and luscious (which is amazing!!!) So it’s still five stars! And I definitely recommend this mascara. Give it a try, you will love it!
  • This is not my favorite mascara.Of all my favorites, the one I always go back to is in a pink tube.I’m always up for trying a new mascara.Mascara is something I wear everyday, because my natural lashes no longer have the darkness or fullness they had when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.My lashes are still somewhat long.I think perhaps that is why this formula did not meet up to my expectations.I like for my lashes to look feathery and not spiked like.I found that it did lift and lengthen my lashes, however the formula felt heavy and gloppy. It did give me the spiked like appearance that I personally dislike.A deal breaker for me, is that this mascara took too long to dry down.A lot of product does come out on the brush and it does coat the lashes well.I do like that it is waterproof and easy to remove.The fact that it is also cruelty free is an added bonus.
  • Billion Dollar Beauty Essentials Forever Lash Mascara gives lashes length and volume. It is suitable for all lash types. This product is high quality, waterproof, vegan, cruelty free and paraben free. It is great for everyday use and gifting!I highly recommend this product!
  • The waterproof mascara formula is great for an active lifestyle and all-day wear.Adds Length and Volume, you can See immediate results with this wonderful high-quality volumizing mascara. Unique Silicone Wand is Designed to coat each lash for optimum results.All-Day Wear, Essential for professional application or casual use. Cruelty-Free.
  • A great brand of mascara! Large wand and it reaches every single lash. Gives you full lashes with lots of length. I love it!
  • This is a good all-around mascara.It seems to be waterproof, though I can't really check how it will handle swimming or a rainstorm since I haven't seen either in months. I did rub my eyes and got very little flaking.It didn't make them magically longer or thicker. Though maybe with multiple coats, it might do more.It just started clumping on the second coat so I quit adding more.I didn't curl my lashes first.Not sure where my eyelash curler is, I haven't used it in so long.Curling first might help.
  • Searching for a new product that helped give me a fuller and thicker eyelashes and would recommend to you. Washes off easily without pulling.
  • I love this mascara! Goes on nice and doesn’t clump or flake. I will keep using it.
  • I like this mascara! It's buildable without looking like tarantula eyes! Only draw back is not much volume. It doesn't melt or leave fibers on your face.
  • New favorite mascara.True to color easy to apply, awprrstes lashes, lasts all day. Great value for your money.
  • I have bought from this seller before and she always has quality merchandise.She is my go-to person when I am looking for a gift. Always remember Little C sells @
  • I don’t have to scrape clumpy mascara off the wand. It darkens my blond lashes. Not for someone who’s looking for glamour, but it’s great for everyday light makeup look.
  • Tired of paying so much for cosmetics, I preserves this, and boyam I happy I did!
  • Past few months I have jump hard onto the makeup wagon. My friend introduced me to the magic of TJ Maxx makeup section - WHO KNEW!!??I bought a BDB mascara/eyeliner combo and fell in love with both.I’ve lost the eyeliner (crying) but I’m so happy I’ve found the mascara sold on Amazon.
  • Just as described. Waterproof but removes with ease. Adds length & volume. Really brings out my eyes.
  • Love this product. My older eyelashes are thinning and this product has particles that fill and lengthen
  • This mascara is great.It doesn't flake or clump.I wear contacts and I do not want flaky mascara.I bought my first tube at TJ Maxx and loved it and could not find it again there so I ordered it from Amazon.It is reasonably priced and good quality.Tford
  • It doesn’t state but is waterproof! I have a lot of trouble finding a mascara that stays on lashes and doesn’t smudge under eye this one definitely stays on lashes!
  • I may be used to higher end mascaras, this one was just okay. I gave it to my little sister In law and she loved it.It didn’t fan out my lashes like I’m used to, but really liked it as she just likes to add darkness to her eyelashes.It’s okay.I may consider ordering it again should the desire arise. However I don’t know I’d be super excited for its arrival. As again, it’s just okay.My standards may be a bit higher than usual.
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  • Waterproof: Our waterproof mascara formula is great for an active lifestyle and all-day wear.
  • Adds Length & Volume: See immediate results with our wonderful high-quality volumizing mascara.
  • Unique Silicone Wand: Designed to coat each lash for optimum results.
  • All-Day Wear: Essential for professional application or casual use.
  • Cruelty-Free: At Billion Dollar Brows’, we carry vegan and cruelty-free makeup products so you can feel good about your makeup routine.
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