Spooktacular Creations 18 oz Halloween Liquid Latex, Fake Blood Liquid Latex, Stage Blood Gallon for Halloween Costume, Zombie Makeup, Vampire Makeup and Monster Makeup & Dress Up - REVIEW

  • On Halloween last year I dressed as Dabi from MHA. The burns that Dabi has all over his body was pretty hard to imitate but this liquid latex worked really well. I got many compliments saying it looked so realistic and that it made my skin soft. I could also use the liquid latex to help keep all of Dabi's piercing's in place.The only downside was getting it off. Warm water and soap helped but I'd suggest staying away from body hair all together when applying. My arms were red by the time I got it all off.
  • I bought this to use with my resin creations. It is perfect for what I wanted. Dries quick.. peels right off when done.Game changer for doming things.
  • I absolutely love this stuff. I'm a mask maker/prop maker and this stuff works a treat!
  • I'm not an expert in Halloween crafts by any means. Purchased this to maybe make a mask, or fake skin.I'm probably not using it correctly, but i squirt some on a styrofoam plate to see what it looks like dry and how it layers.Covering a small plate with a palm sized amount of goo - I'd say it took about 5 or 6 hours to lose it's liquid tackiness. Also after drying, the color was kind of a clear brown, like dry Elmer's wood glue.
  • Tired of people assuming you are not a monsterish ghoul of a human being? Well, this is a product for you. Smear it on your face (not eyebrows or beards!), stretch it and slap it. Add a little makeup and fake blood, and people will know who they're dealing with before you even open your mouth. Decent quality for theater, Halloween, dead-relative cosplay, etc. Seems to keep well in the bottle.
  • Mixing with the faux cotton...fiber...was great... have to learn how to work with it better!
  • I mix this with some cheap acrylic paint to thicken it and use it as a liquid mask for painting. Works very well
  • The media could not be loaded. As you can see it was easy to remove, super clear the adhesion is top tier, it was a very clean application and super pliable. My new favorite latex.
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  • Comprehensive Set. Our Halloween Fake Blood Set includes 18 oz Liquid Latex. All-natural latex made from the rubber tree; cruelty-free. It is great for creating frightfully realistic special effects.
  • EASY TO USE. Pour it in a cup and use it with cotton and tissue paper to build up wounded effects. It will cover a good range and dries fast. Can be easily shaped and peeled off after it is dry.
  • Realistic Look. Our fake blood features an incredibly vibrant blood red color that looks and flows like the real thing. It is great for creating frightfully realistic special effects. Perfect combination for making realistic-looking scars, gashes, monster skin, zombie skin, create 3D wrinkles, and other wounds on you.
  • Premium Quality. Enjoy the convenience of easy removal with our washable stage blood. It washes off easily with soap and water, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup. Additionally, our product is non-toxic, making it suitable for use on the skin without causing harm or irritation. Non-Toxic. Meet US Toy Standard. Safety Test Approved.
  • Wide Application. You can use our fake blood to add the finishing touch to many different costumes, including vampires, zombies, monsters, creepy clowns, or your own unique creation. Recreate a gory scene by having our fake blood all over yourself, your costume, your front yard, and anywhere else for Halloween celebrations, haunted houses & more. Impress your friends with our realistic blood effects.
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