CAKKA Fake Blood Spray Washable, 3oz Blood Splatter with Vampire Costume Makeup Kit, Halloween Adult Vampire Teeth Fangs Elf Ears Accessories, Fake Blood for Clothes Face Decoration Decor - REVIEW

  • The blood spray is very realistic and looks great on clothes and skin alike. The 3oz bottle is also the perfect size for my needs, and the spray nozzle makes it easy to apply the blood in a controlled manner.I also appreciated that this fake blood is washable, which makes it easy to clean off after use. It did not stain my clothes or leave any residue on my skin, which is a huge plus. I found that it washed off easily with soap and water, making cleanup a breeze.The vampire teeth fangs and elf ears accessories included in the kit were also a great addition to my costume.
  • The spraying feature made the blood so easy to use, it worked perfectly for halloween. also you get so much for your money with this product, definitely recommend!
  • I like it. But unfortunately the ear and teeth are too big for me. But I bought this for the blood. Which looks real
  • I needed spray blood and this was perfect it came with tons of stuff for the price. It didn’t stain either
  • The fake blood very easy to use and it was washable when I accidently got in on myself while using it. This product takes a long time to dry. When the blood does dries, it is very light. I had enough time to spray it again and let it dry and it make it a little more darker. Its not too realistic, but I used it for a Halloween costume and it did that I needed it to do.
  • This set is exactly as advertised! The fake blood is very realistic looking! the ears look obviously fake, but are perfectly fine for a costume. I chose not to use the fangs so can't comment on them.
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  • [ VALUE PACKAGE FOR VAMPIRE COSTUME ] This pack has everything you need to costume as a vampire: vampire blood, vampire fangs and vampire ears, super cost-effective. Comes with 2 bottles of fake blood spray: 2oz and 1oz, so much capacity for your Halloween costumes!
  • [ REALISTIC BLOOD EFFECT FOR MAKEUP ] CAKKA fake blood has vibrant red color, which looks and flows like the real thing. You can use it anywhere to create realistic looks: your face, your skin, your clothes or your costume props, it can lasts for a long time. Perfect for Halloween!
  • [ CONVIENT TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN ] The spray design makes this fake blood easier to use: you can spray it wherever you want without spilling it anywhere else. After the party, the fake blood can be easily washed off the skin or clothes with soap.
  • [ HOW TO USE VAMPIRE FANGS & EARS ] You just need to snap elf ears to your own to get a vampire ear. Melt the teeth gel in hot water or heat it into the fangs, stick it to your own teeth, then you get the vampire teeth! There is a instruction for the teeth gel in the box.
  • [ IDEL HALLOWEEN GIFT FOR COSTUME ] This Vampire Costume Kit would be a perfect gift for vampire lovers. The fake blood is not only for vampire costume, you can use it for any other Halloween costumes. Enjoy the Halloween party with your family and friends now!
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