Etude House Play Color Eyes #Pink Muhly Romance | 9 Color Eye Shadow with Warm and Soft Autumn Colors | Eye Makeup | Korean Beauty - REVIEW

  • I love Muhly Romance. It comes out really nice on my warm medium skin tone.
  • It's like the next iteration of the orange eye shadow trend that's been around for at least 5 years. This palette feels more grown up though. Instead of a bright orange, the pigments are more like shades of burnt orange, and the shimmery colors are subtle and dewy, not glittery. It lasts pretty long even without a primer. So I think it'd be even better with a primer.
  • I absolutely love this product. Its the cutest pallet ever and the colors show up very soft. So cute its exactly what I payed for
  • I bought two different pallets at the same time and this one’s the better one. It shows up well on my skin tone even though I have no primer on I do love the colors on this as well.
  • This is the most color-accurate photo of the palette I could take. The bottom middle and middle right shades tend to look orange in photos but they are actually just warm pink in real life. I don’t usually go for pink eyeshadow because I’m warm toned but these colors are very muted and work well for me. I like that they apply sheerly because it’s easier to control and easy to make light everyday looks with. The only thing I don’t like is all the shimmer shades are light and look similar on skin. I wish it had a darker shimmer shade.
  • This is my new favorite palette. It colors are exactly as pictured and blend perfectly.
  • If you’re a fan of Douyin makeup with all of the cute glitters I’d definitely recommend this as a start!
  • I use this everyday it has all the colors i need love how it all has a pinkish under tone so great for any k beauty look.
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  • Autumn pink muhly 9-COLOR EYE SHADOW palette invites new romance by coloring the eyes with romantic mood and sunset glow to fit everyone
  • MATCHLESS TEXTURE: Soft texture of café and shimmer and light and clear glow of glitter type jewel. NEW HIGH GLOSSY JEWEL: With the use of high transparent glitter and high technology makes glittering glossy glow
  • COLOR SYSTEM: JEWEL: Pic of the Day, The Fairy Tale World, Love is Timing; CAFÉ: Nude Sunset, Pink Muhly, Romantic Place, Muhly Land, Midnight Date; SHIMMER: Sunset Muhly
  • APPLICATION: Apply gently around your eyes using a finger or brush. For Jewel shadows use your finger for longer application
  • TIP: The shadows can be applied to the whole eyelid or as a pointed color. Use the shadows according to your taste! Whenever, wherever you want your look to be special
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