CCbeauty Scar Wax Kit Professional Fake Moulding Skin Wax for Stage Special Effects Halloween SFX Theatrical Makeup,Fake Wound Makeup Wax with Double Ended Spatula #4 - REVIEW

  • It’s extremely wax-y. Which made for a problem when I attempted to put my fake blood in & on the scar or open wound. It looked “fake” because the blood kept running away from the wax. It would like bead up sort of if that makes sense. It was hard to work with also because it is wax. Don’t put somewhere where you’ll be bending or moving often because the wax will break off. Cool concept though.
  • I have to say this is one of the best quality wax products I have used for special effects makeup looks!! I’m in love. Fast shipping was amazing!I love the way the wax is packed, how easy it is to scoop out with the tool provided and how well it sticks to the body without leaving a bad sticky feeling. I will definitely be buying more in the future. It’s honestly the best product out there on the market compared to others I have used!!!!! I have tried several name brand products like Ben Nye Wax or Grafobond and they were horribly sticky, not easy to mold with and just all around bad experience with the other products.Thank you for making such a great product!
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  • ❤Professional makeup artists need to use this wax for any type of artistic makeup or special effects.This wax can make Fake Wound Scar, Eyebrows Blocker Fake Nose
  • ❤How to use: It is better not to pick up skin wax by hand directly, as the skin wax will become softer due to hand temperature, and it will stick to your hands if it is too soft and difficult to shape. The correct method is to use the wax spatula to cut out the wax, than pinch it with your hands, and use the spatula to create any shapes you desired when the hardness is appropriate.
  • ❤Easy to remove:Use spatula to gently scrape off the wax, and then wash it off with soap or cleansing oil.
  • ❤Suitable for : Perfect for Halloween party, Fancy Dress, Carnivals, Festival or TV program special effects, daily prank etc.
  • ❤Package Include:1 x Modeling Wax,1x Spatula Tool. Box diameter 6.2cm; Wax N.W.=1.6 Oz; Spatula Size:16cm.
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