Vayator 8-10-12-14mm Mixed/10-12-14-16mm Mixed/14-16-18-20mm Mixed Professional Makeup Individual Cluster Eyelashes Grafting Fake False Eyelashes Eyelash Extension Individual Eyelash (14-16-18-20mm Mixed) - REVIEW

  • I really love these lashes but make sure you trim off the corners on the band. I put an entire set on and had to redo them because the little corners were causing me so much discomfort. Other than that they are beautiful, soft and very lightweight.
  • It’s true to lengths, I love all the different lengths and how small the band is so it’s more natural/extension looking. I got what I asked for so there’s really nothing to really complain about. I will say that this doesn’t give you a full extension set look more of a wispy look. Just stack them if you want them thicker/fuller.
  • I took these and a bond and seal to my trip to cancun and they were everything! I got went on the ziplines, the cenotes, showered, washed my face and they stayed on my whole trip!!! I did have to add a couple during my trip that 1-2 lashes would fall during the day or when i’d sleep. I love long lashes and I’m happy i’m finally found some good ones. Btw this took me like 20-30 mins (beginner) and I did it on the plane lol my flight was over night and I was not able to sleep.
  • These are amazing!!! They stay for 2+ weeks, so easy to put on. Love the thickness. Don’t have to use as many clusters.
  • The media could not be loaded. Buy them NOW!!!! I’ve been paying hundreds of dollars for yearssssss to get individuals or just putting a strip on myself. Tried these. It took about 5 mins for me to get the hang of it then BOOM. I love them. Now they do poke a little but I’ll get over that. Lol
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  • 120 pcs per pack.D curl,Thickness 0.07mm
  • 8-10-12-14mm Mixed Length :8mm*2 rows,10mm*2 rows,12mm*3 rows,14mm*3 rows.8-10-12-14mm Mixed Length :8mm*2 rows,10mm*2 rows,12mm*3 rows,14mm*3 rows.
  • 10-12-14-16mm Mixed Length :10mm*2 rows,12mm*2 rows,14mm*3 rows,16mm*3 rows.
  • 14-16-18-20mm Mixed Length :14mm*2 rows,16mm*2 rows,18mm*3 rows,20mm*3 rows.
  • This false eyelashes are very soft, comfortable to wear, easy to graft and save a lot of time.
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