COVERGIRL So Lashy! blastPRO Waterproof Mascara Extreme Black .44 fl oz (13.1 ml) (Packaging may vary) - REVIEW

  • LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this mascara.It’s great mascara but I REALLY LOVE THE WAND!!It has the “lash finder” at the end to really extent & help create a full look.
  • This is great! I simply prefer non waterproof. If you love waterproof you will be very pleased with this product.
  • By far my favorite mascara! No clumps, dries quickly and lifts and separates leaving a natural yet enhanced lash. Definitely just as good if not better than wasting money on high end expensive mascara!
  • I have been using this mascara for a while and I love it!When ever I decide to try a different mascara, they never live up to what they say they do, and I always go back to this one!I especially love the applicator brush as it separates the lashes really well and has a bulb type thing on the end to find individual lashes better!
  • Love how black it is & as far as "waterproof" mascaras go, it holds up pretty well.
  • My new favorite mascara. I have thin small blonde lashes and this is like false eyelashes for me. Great product! Vut need to use Avon moisture effective eye remover it'sthe Best! I have used every expensive. And regular brand
  • Legitimately waterproof. Wore this mascara on vacation in Florida. Stayed in place in pool and in 90 degree temperatures. Although, it's very drying and not the easiest brush/wand to use.
  • I ordered this for a wedding (I'm a cryer) it definitely is waterproof. I got some on my face and even with a make up wipes it was hard to scrub off. Makes my lashes look great too!
  • This is my go-to mascara. It’s lengthening and volumizing. I always get lots of compliments and know for a fact that it will hold up on a sweaty summer day or romance movie cry. One note- it can be hard to get off. I always use neutrogena makeup remover wipes but I’m sure other things would work. It just takes some extra care so I don’t rip out any lashes.
  • Really is sweatproof! Workout in this and it never flakes. Love the brush. Separates the lashes well. I use the brush from a previous tube... cleaned it and use as an additional lash comb! Will buy again
  • I love this brand of mascara! I can’t buy it in the stores anymore which makes me think it’s going I have stocked up! But it’s the only mascara that actually does what it says it does and believe me ladies...I’ve tried dozens of mascara!
  • I’m honestly writing this as a public service. I have been using this mascara for about 4 years I think. It separates your lashes well, makes them extremely long, and washes off instantly. When you swim it will be gone within seconds and doesn’t give you the raccoon eye. If you want it to stay on they have a waterproof option that is very hard to get off. Save your money and get this right now.
  • I have used this mascara for many years and it is only thing I will use- the best. No clumbs and it has the round end on one and that gets even the smallest lash without a mess. One application and I’m good to go. Looks so natural not thick or thin on lashes. Love it!!!
  • Made my lashes look longer and thicker.I had been looking around for a waterproof mascara like this for quite sometime. This one is the winner !
  • I still have to wipe a little off on a tissue first, otherwise it's globby, butI like how it separates and makes my lashes look long. One of the best I've used!Please tell me it's helpful if you agree 🙂
  • My favorite mascara. I used to use star by Lancôme, which is a great product. But this is way cheaper and you get better results. My eyelashes lift up and stay up. My lashes look thick and full. Love this product. Best way to get it off is regular eye makeup remover or coconut oil.
  • I have used Several tubes of this it last well it’s waterproof does not break my lashes does not run down my face or Get flaky ,,but you must remove with make up remover or soap and water
  • I have decent lashes but they are light colored. I LOVE this mascara. It makes my lashes look great, they don't stick together and the brush gets right to the corners! This is the only mascara I will use. I have no desire to even try another brand.
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  • Voluminous mascara for bold, dark volume regardless of your lash type
  • Ball tip for corner and hard to reach lashes
  • Lasts all day
  • Easy to remove with oil-based makeup remover
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers
  • Opthalmologically tested
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