Eyelash Growth Serum Booster. Enhanced Length. Works Like Magic. Fuller Lashes & Mesmerizing Look. Nourishing. Thicker. Longer. Your Secret to Gorgeous Eyes. Alluring. Must Have. - REVIEW

  • I have only been using this a few days. So I don’t know how well it works yet but it feels good to put on. Seems like a very high end product. I think it’ll make my lashes grow. I singed mine on my left eye so I really need it to grow out. So far I’m very pleased. Thanks!
  • I believe this is a good try. Thank the seller for selling this product. Good.
  • I needed to find a serum for my lashes to grow back and I could definitely say this does the trick. I had just put on fake lashes professionally and ripped them out since they started bothering me. Unfortunately it tore off a good chunk of my natural lashes and left me without any lashes in a few spots. For reference I've been using this for about a week and all my lashes seem to have grown back and the ones I had are even longer. Definitely recommend to try!
  • A great value for money gift, I will buy again if I need it next time
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  • Gorgeous eyes. Achieve alluring eyes naturally. Our nourishing eyelash growth serum promotes new eyelash growth and fortifies existing hairs for bold, dramatic looking eyes in as little as few weeks. This advanced formula eye lash growing serum provides a magical boost to thin, sparse and brittle lashes.
  • Thicker, longer. Helps nourish and grow noticeably thicker lashes and brows. You will see longer, thicker and fuller lashes by applying our lash & brow enhancing serum in just few weeks!
  • Fuller lashes and more beautiful look. This revolutionary vegan botanical serum boosts the length and thickness of eyelashes and eyebrows. The result is longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes and brows! Imparts sheen and luster to lashes and brows making them appear lush and beautiful. No more false lashes needed!
  • It works like Magic! Put away your mascara and give yourself a lash lift with our enhancer. It's like wearing clear mascara for your eyelashes without actually wearing any!
  • Backed by experience. Indulge in a big increases in length and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows in as little as 60 days for the perfect lash boost! Contains proprietary botanically-derived compounds that penetrate hair follicles to stimulate lash and brow growth which in turn fortifies the eyelashes and brows to noticeably lengthen and thicken them.
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