Ardell Individual Trios Eyelash, Black, Short - REVIEW

  • I’m an older woman with a pretty short lashes of my own. The longer ones are a little obvious and bulky. I can’t find short ones in the store, and I’m so glad that Amazon offered the short ones. I haven’t put them on yet but I’m sure they will be perfect.
  • I buy the short and medium Ardell trios they are my go to every time
  • The adhesion was a little more flimsy than from the past. Probably just user error. Love these they are sweet and natural looking.
  • I have been purchasing these eyelashes for quite some time now, I always have to have them in my makeup kit, as a professional makeup artist. They are easy to apply, easier than the individual ones, and they look so blended with your own lashes that it's hard to tell they are fake.
  • Because of my Thyroid my lashes have thinned amensley these lashes look so natural and are perfect for me
  • I was extremely happy to finally get lashes with all small. I’ve had to buy them with small and medium together and wasted half the product!!
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  • Knot-free, natural looking lashes
  • Permanent curled and waterproof
  • Apply 10-15 lashes per eye
  • Item Package Dimension: 1.905cm L x 9.144cm W x 9.144cm H
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