IT Cosmetics Tightline 3-In-1 Lash Primer, Eyeliner & Black Mascara - Lengthens & Conditions Lashes - Ultra-Skinny Wand - Infused With Collagen, Biotin, Peptides & Antioxidants - 0.12 fl oz - REVIEW

  • I had very light lashes. Every time I applied other mascara it make my lashes crumble and make my eyes watering. After tried this one Iwill never try anyother brand. This one,this brand make my eyes lashes fuller each time Iapplied on make my lashes fine beautiful. Love it!
  • This product was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a mascara that enhanced my lash length but wasn't too dramatically. It also does a great job of creating the tightline effect creating a fuller lash line. It does not irritate my eyes which is a big plus for me as I have sensitive eyes. The one thing that I noticed as a downside is that this mascara does leave little flecks of black around my eyes as the day wears on.
  • I was skeptical when I saw the size of the brush, but I'm a believer now. This went on so nice and made my straight, thin lashes look great!
  • Bought this after seeing video on TikTok. Loved it. Looks like I have a bit of eye liner.
  • Found out about it by someone on TikTok and I absolutely love it. The tiny, thin brush is unexpected and defines lashes beautifully. A subtle eyeline emerges and lashes look longer and thicker - over delivered. *****
  • This product goes on light, doesn’t flake or clump.Eyes lashing look longer without looking overly thick,great for evryday use, cleans off easily withe eye makeup remover.
  • Nice tightline coverage for lashes. Formula seems excellent. No smudges or flakes. Thin brush makes for easy application.
  • I have used It cosmetics for years and I am so glad i can offer it and not have to go out to stores
  • As a 70+ year old woman, I have been struggling to find the right mascara that wouldn't clump and look too "heavy."I've found it with this mascara!It's unlike anything else I've ever tried:it beautifully coats and separates my lashes in a completely natural way.I love it and won't use anything else from now on.
  • When I got my order I was skeptical because of how small the wand was. I have very thin fine lashes and this gives me a good amount of lift and does more weigh my lashes down. It did but seem to flake, smudge, or run even in weather over 100°. I'll try it out for a few months and report back.
  • I love everything about this mascara. Not sure how to use it as eyeliner as it says it’s mascara, primer & eyeliner.
  • I love this skinny wand! Other brushes are so big I end up getting half of it all over my face, but this one is precise - especially for bottom lashes. No clumps or flakes makes this my new favorite!
  • No clumping and the tiny brush is easy to control. More accuracy than with bigger brushes. Stays on and no smudging.
  • This product is too expensive for the results you are seeking.I bought this bc I saw it on YouTube thinking I could use this to replace having to use eyeliner to tightline.I still need to tight line with eyeliner.Don’t waste your money.
  • I've tried drugstore mascara and beauty supply mascara, and didn't find one I liked until Tightline was recommended to me.I was initially surprised by how thin the applicator wand was the first time I opened it -- but that's what makes this product work.Precision application, no clumping, and no smearing!I have no need to try anything else.
  • This helps my lashes to take the mascara better. I have some very thin lashes, and this does the trick!
  • I feel like this product was a bit overpriced for the amount you get.Having said that I do really love it, mostly because of the tiny brush.
  • This mascara is one of few that does not cause my eyes to feel itchy.My lashes look nice and lengthened and clean… globa or clumps
  • This is one of the only products I love from IT Cosmetics. I love the small brush. It gets every lash root to tip
  • I previously used a eyelash tint that had a very similar applicator to this, but it never gave length. After researching small and thin mascara wands I found IT cosmetics. Although it is a little pricey for mascara, this is a 3 in 1 which is great. I love how it applies and how precise I can get with the small applicator. I definitely recommend to someone who wants that natural look without the full volume of other mascaras.
  • Love it. As a 72 year old who'sbeenwearing mascara for 56 years this is one of the best. Also the tightline isterrific as eye liner, primer, and the teeny bristled brush is good for separating lashes
  • This mascara goes on easily, no clumping. It adds color and gives a long natural look to your lashes, lasts all day.
  • I used to buy this product or one like it directly from the IT website for years! Then they discontinued it…I was so sad because I love it, especially since I’m a senior, and for me, it was perfect in all aspects.I searched everywhere but couldn’t locate it. And now, here it is! I’m thrilled.
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