Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara - REVIEW

  • This mascara is highly recommendable; healthy & nurturing for lashes. The color isn't as purply(lol) as I'd like but is still beautiful, especially if you pair it with the plum eyeliner. You must use the brow and lash gel translucent 00 as a base, on top and under lashes, if you want magnified results. Lashes are coated evenly and smoothly with dramatic effect, similar to high-end department store/Sephora's. I'm excited to have my 1st tube of purple mascara...so fun! I wish I'd done this sooner.
  • This mascara is a very pretty color which is a nice bonus. It doesn't sting or burn my eyes. It seems to stay put until I take it off. I will be buying more.
  • I was looking for a natural and safe mascara, and I was so pleased with this one! This is my third or fourth time ordering this same one. It works well and has a lovely scent. It is not waterproof so it comes right off when you get your face wet. It doesn't tend to flake and end up on your face throughout the day though. I've found it to be perfect for my needs!
  • I'm allergic to a lot of makeup but not this mascara. Great consistency and rich color. It's easy to remove and doesn't stain my skin.
  • This is the best mascara I’ve ever used. I just went on a new mascara hunt and tried everything from Neutrogena to Chanel and honestly nothing even comes close to this one.
  • Nice coverage and color I have sensitive eyes and no tears or irritation Its 28 dollars but i had no idea the tube was so large Packaging is very simple and elegantWill last a while Has a lovely light fragrance Comes off easy with makeup removerRinsed my face with water and hasn't stained my eyes
  • I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara. I tried Dr. Hauschka's non-volumizing version and felt that it did little to enhance or define my lashes, but this version of their mascara offerings provides noticeable volume without clumping! It really defines my lashes, provides volume at the base, makes them stand out, but also looks very natural. It wears very well throughout the day, doesn't flake at all, and doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive eyes. I have very oily skin and it doesn't transfer anywhere it shouldn't be even after a long day.The only thing to note is that this mascara is NOT water resistant in the slightest. If you happen to blink out a tear you'll find a little trail of black pigment running down your face. The plus side to this is that this mascara is extremely easy to remove when you take your makeup off!
  • This mascara is a high quality product that goes on smoothly with no clumping.It lasts throughout the day, and it is easily removed with soap and water or a mascara remover. I love the plum color.
  • This mascara is very natural and luxurious.I love it....Always have for years.It's the only mascara I use because it's very natural.
  • I am allergic to the toxic preservative/biocide called Methylisothiazoline or abbreviated MI and the chemical preservative Formaldehyde. MI is in everything because it is cheap. I can't use conventional make up, cleaning products, hair dyes, bleach, laundry soaps/fabric softeners shampoo's and conditioners because it is in all of these products. This is the only mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow gel, powdered eye colors I use exclusively now. Dr Hauschka consistently over the years has kept their products clean from harsh chemicals. Many other make up products gradually changed to chemicals as I am a "label reader" due to allergies. I highly recommend it. Whole Foods in Portland, Maine unfortunately has decided to stop selling it for a less expensive make up product forcing me to buy on Amazon until they stop selling it then I will buy directly from Dr Hauschka website. I have to stay ahead of their marketing plans because I shop for only this product because it is clean. I don't find that with the cheaper products.Whole Foods should reconsider because I shop there not only for Dr Hauschka cosmetics but other items while I am there. Whole Foods its my go to for organics and clean foods/products and local produce.
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