Brows by Bossy Studio & Co Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos Waterproof Eyebrow Stickers, False Tattoos Hair Like Peel Off Instant Transfer Brows For Women And Men | Natural Strokes, Shaping, Tint… - REVIEW

  • I liked the real hairs look. They are perfect if you don’t have any eyebrow hairs, which I don’t.
  • I am a caregiver and every week I put these eyebrows on my client. She absolutely loves them. I have to cut them down to size to fit her face but she gets excited every time that I refresh them. For her, they last about a week but that could be different depending on how hard you wash your face or if you forget you have them on and scratch them.
  • I was a chemotherapy patient.Of course I lost all of my hair, including the eyebrows.These were SO easy to use.And they look SO REAL!I have finished chemo but my brows still have not grown in so I will definitely be using these even now.Thank you for whoever invented these brow tatoos.
  • Easy to apply, plus you can trim them up to the actual 'brow' on the paper. So that way there is no need for a wider border when applying them. Be sure and have a 'water saturated' cotton round, ( almost dripping ), with water. That you pass over back and fourth on the transfer, slide the wet round back and fourth maybe 6 - 8 times and the paper lifts right off or will probably slide away while you use a light pressure while rubbing.Use 70 - 90% alcohol on a cotton round to make sure ALL skin oil and make up is gone from the skin area you are applying the transfer to. The alcohol really dry's the skin quickly, let evaporate 60 seconds is enough. Then position sticky side to the skin brow line you choose and start the back and fourth wet cotton round immediately. Worked great for my 82 year old wife, I am a 69 yr. old husband and made this happen."MAKE SURE TO REMOVE THE CLEAR FILM FROM THE SIDE THAT STICKS TO THE SKIN !!! I don't have much fingernails to get that clear film off, ...but like I said," It worked ' , she looked great. p.s. She has no hair left in her brow area, so bare or shaved skin is best I think.
  • I love these brows!If you have thinned or no brows, these are perfect.Takes a few tries to get them placed correctly.I used these brows for 8 months until I had mine professionally done.The shape and color helped me decide what I wanted.It helps the brows to stick better if you trim your brow hairs short.For anyone who wants a fuller brow, these are not for you.They won’t stick well over brow hair.
  • Ordered these for my mother who is 68 and is tired of drawing on her brows we both have very light colored brows and eyelashes. Here's what we learned after trying it the first time... If you have any hair on your brows-- shave that little bit off or it will bubble up in that area where the hair is. She loves them and said it is so easy and she just dabs on a little translucent powder over them so they last a couple days. 10/10 recommend. We will continue to order these! Very happy with these! We ordered the Taupe Arched in case anyone is wondering what color she's wearing.
  • I love these I barely have eyebrows, these are easy to apply stay on good for a few days. Look natural , way better and easier then drawing them on
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  • 8 EXCLUSIVE COLORS & 6 STYLES - Brows by Bossy created the largest selection of exclusive colors that are only available here. Our brow sheets are custom designed with premium ingredients of the highest quality. We perfected the temporary eyebrow tattoo. Only from Brows by Bossy will you find each style designed and sized to fit naturally. Every eyebrow is identical and realistic in size so you can actually use every pair on the sheet. No more over-sized brows that you can't even use.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY EYEBROW TATTOOS - Say goodbye to your old pencil-in brow routine that takes too long and smudges. Our Temporary Brows by Bossy apply in a few simple steps. Instructions, including Application Tips & Tricks, are included. Perfect for sparse, patchy, or over-plucked eyebrows. Give your eyebrows the definition and recognition they deserve! Each brow sheet comes with 9-11 pairs of identical, realistic-sized eyebrow tattoos.
  • HASSLE-FREE EXCHANGE PROGRAM - Go ahead, try a few styles and colors! Our hassle-free exchange program allows first-time buyers to exchange any brows that may not be their best personal match. We understand how important your eyebrows are, and we're just as excited. Our support team works with clients on a daily basis providing application tips and tricks, 1 on 1 consultations, and on-going support. Our customers are the top priority.
  • WATERPROOF & LONG-LASTING - Our temporary eyebrow tattoos are designed with a custom bonding component making them waterproof and smudge-proof through showers, sweat, and swimming. Can your pencil do that? Go ahead, live your life. No need to worry about our Brows by Bossy fading throughout the day. Long-lasting results that won't disappoint or disappear. Lasts up to 3 days or longer depending on your skin and daily facial cleansing routines.
  • NATURAL, HAIR-LIKE DEFINED STROKES - Incredibly detailed and realistic-looking, Brows by Bossy eyebrow tattoos instantly create natural and full eyebrows with your ideal shape. Easily adjust our brows for your perfect color match with your favorite eyeshadow or pencil. You can actually see the individual eyebrow hair strokes in every brow tattoo. Great for Alopecia, Thyroid conditions, and a wide array of reasons for eyebrow loss. We've got your brows covered, literally.
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