Duo Eyelash Adhesive 0.25oz White/Clear (3 Pack) - REVIEW

  • This eyelash glue is the only one I will use! I'm tired of trying different ones and it's the same problem. They dry out fast, the applicator gets stiff, the product doesn't last, and it doesn't do a good job of gluing your eyelashes on. This completely wins over all the other ones I have personally tried. You still have to slowly apply it onto your eyelashes or you're gonna end up with a gunky mess. Once it does dry it lasts all day guaranteed just make sure you're applying your eyelash correctly.
  • I have been using this brand of lash glue for over 20 years. The formula has never changed, which is great because cosmetics companies have a tendency to fix something that isn't broken. It's really easy to use, I learned how to use it in beauty school. I use the bend and roll method (where you slightly bend it from corner to corner and roll it side to side) and you have to get a thin line on the top of the strip, and a little below, but make sure that the whole lash has glue on it or it won't stick. Let it stick on until its a tiny bit tacky. I always use tweezers and start in the middle of my lashes, and let it sit, and then put it on the sides. My eyes do water when I use anything near the inside of my eyes, so I would say if that happens, be careful. When that does happen, I just take a little bit and stick it where I feel it might not stick so well. They don't come off for me when I use this method, The only downside is that when you're taking them off, I recommend using the Neutrogena eye makeup remover or micellar water, because the glue will dissolve better than trying to pull them off of your eye! (I made that mistake last night and...ouch, my poor lashes!) Hope this review helps!
  • I love this product becauseI cancryorgoin theroller coasterandtheduo glue stays in the place my lashes lookingalways great to the end
  • I wear lashes daily and remove every night. This glue holds well all day and never irritates my eyes. I’m very sensitive, which is why I can’t do extensions or longer wear lashes. Been using this brand for years!Love it!
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  • Product Type:Beauty
  • Item Package Dimension:15.494 cm L X9.906 cm W X2.032 cm H
  • Model Number : 073930680109-3A
  • Country Of Origin: United States
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