12 Colors Glow In The Dark Under Black Light Face & Body Paint, UV Black Light Glow Body Paint Makeup Fluorescent Neon Face Painting Crayons Kit for Halloween Costume Holiday Birthday Masquerades Club Makeup - REVIEW

  • Lots of fun for a glow party they worked great exceptfor the blue. As you can see it didn’t glow.
  • I recently tried out these neon body crayons.These vibrant crayons are an absolute blast to use!The colors are incredibly vivid and eye-catching. With just a few swipes, I transformed my body into a dazzling work of art. Whether it's for a music festival, costume party, or even a night out with friends, these neon body crayons are perfect for creating stunning and unique designs.The application is smooth and effortless. The crayons glide smoothly over the skin, allowing for precise lines and bold strokes. They are also easy to blend, enabling me to create beautiful gradients and mix colors for even more creative possibilities.I was pleasantly surprised by the long-lasting formula. Once applied, the colors stayed vibrant and intact throughout the day and night. Even with dancing and sweating, the neon body crayons didn't smudge or fade, ensuring my look remained fresh and captivating.
  • I got these for a kids birthday party. All colors glowed great under blacklight. I painted about 25 faces and barely wore down any of the sticks. Do recommend using eye makeup remover to take it off.
  • These make applying them so easy for adults and kids.They are perfect for a glow party.Some of the colors didn't glow as well as we would have liked though
  • My nine-year-old was a glow in the dark butterfly for Halloween. We had so much fun with this face paint, and her costume!
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  • 【12 Unique & Bright Colors】: Our face paint crayons kit has 12 bright colors. Including: Light Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Gold Yellow, Warm Orange, Neon Yellow, Rose, Light green, Blue, Purple, Red, Darker Green. Various beautiful colors can be obtained by different combinations. And you can paint a variety of vivid patterns.
  • 【Glow In The Black Light Paint】:These glow in the blacklight body face paint will glow brightly under ultraviolet light or black light. they will make you shine and dazzling in the dark. But face paint cannot glow in the dark directly.
  • 【Safe for Sensetive Skin】 - The face painting kits is also made with food-grade pigments and skin-safe ingredients which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. As with all cosmetics we advise that a small skin patch test is done before applying as everyone's skin is different.
  • 【Easy to Paint and Rmove】Black Light glow in the dark paint are very easy to apply on the skin.This face painting kits for kids can even easily be removed from fabrics with only soap and water.No need to worry about clothes or furniture. This paint can even easily be removed from fabrics with only soap and water
  • 【The Perfect Glow Party Accessory】 - This glow in the dark body paint is the perfect accessory to spice up your next party, festival, photoshoot, or night-out, black light birthday parties, mardigras, halloween, masquerades,clubbing, Festivals and Anywhere with UV Lighting. This face painting kits is incredible!!! Fluorescent crayons can shine in the dark under black light
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