Go Ho Stage Fake Blood Washable(0.5 oz),Edible Fake Blood Realistic Effect Sticky Blood Makeup for Eyes Drips Teeth Mouth Nose Bleeds,For Halloween Cosplay SFX Zombie Vampire Special Effects Makeup,Bright - REVIEW

  • I didn’t like it as much because it’s to sticky and the color is hard to wash out
  • Works well for Halloween. If you are looking for a higher quality for real sfx makeup you may not be completely happy with it. But for beginners it’s definitely good for the price!!
  • We did a production at our church for Good Friday, my son looked as if he really was bleeding.We love it.
  • This fake blood is good for a costume or for a laugh (messing with my wife, basically). It's kind of bright, so it doesn't take too long to come to the conclusion that it's fake, but the consistency is rather like you'd expect of blood.
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  • 【Realistic Fake Blood Makeup】This stage blood with great consistency,run like true blood.Super smooth and sticky blood.Ideal for creating a range of realistic and fresh looking injuries.Superb pigmentation to create realistic blood flow and consistency.This is 0.5 oz,if you want more,we also provide large capacities of 1 oz and 2 oz for you to choose.
  • 【Sticky Blood Keep Fresh Looking】 Looks fresh, it’s the like the right color, like in horror films. For external or internal wounds.Non-drying syrupy consistency fake blood is very suitable for creating horrible real wounds blood.It will continue to drip.So it is great for eye blood,eye drops,nose bleeds.
  • 【Easy to Apply and Washable & No Stain】 Comes with a brush applicator,easy to get it placed where you want. Washable fake blood,can be washed with soap and water.It will not stain your skin after using soap and water.Also easy to wipe off when you use wet wipes remove fake blood on skin.
  • 【Fake Blood Edible】It is mouth safe and edible,can be used in capsules,which is very great for creating mouth bleeds.This stage blood is non-toxic and hypoallergenic,will not irritate skin.Attention:Advise to do a small skin patch test before applying;Blood remains wet,watch our for unintended drips.
  • 【Realistic Fake Blood for Creating Horrible Scenes】The effect of creating blood drops is very realistic.The best fake blood for Halloween, Cosplay, SFX makeup.Used with fake scar wax or liquid latex to shape the look you want.A must for Halloween and special effects for adults and children.Great for zombie,vampire blood makeup.
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