Gold Face, Body Glitter Gel: for Women & Girls | Biodegradable Glitter Body Shimmer | Fine Glitter in Aloe Vera Gel Base with Essential Oil | Body Makeup by Ruth Paul Skin 2oz - REVIEW

  • This looks amazing in photos. If you want a more saturated sparkle I recommend using a sponge to soak up some of the base. Also the aloe base made this very useful when I had a sunburn on the beach. Super soothing.
  • This was easy to apply, it looks good against the skin, and it lasts until it's washed off. It's a great way to add that extra pop to your outfit.
  • I am really impressed with this product!It takes very little product ( The jar is really small so I was concerned )I have used it for 5 days now. Chest area and arms, it lasts all day with the perfect shimmer( especially with a tan!) Will definitely buy again!
  • I went to a Fairy Fest and wanted to have some way to sparkle. This was perfect for my needs! It was easy to apply and make my skin look so sparkly!
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  • Moisturize while you sparkle. Fine shimmering cosmetic glitter makeup in aloe gel is healthy, keeping your skin hydrated all day. Get amazing benefits of nourishing aloe & essential oils to make your body glow and shimmer. All ages, children, young, old, all skin types, dry & sensitive.
  • Eco friendly gold body glitter. Safe for our oceans, animals & the environment, your kids & you. One of a kind, body, face, and hair glitter gel that moisturizes while you shine.
  • Sparkly highlighter and primer. Ruth Paul Skin unicorn glitter is a great base for chunky glitter or on its own. A non sticky makeup & body shimmer lotion. that dries quickly & removes easily with soap or shower gel & water. No need for body glitter glue. The aloe gel base keeps your shimmer on all day long.
  • Gel base free from harmful chemicals. Not like other popular make up glitter gel bases which can contain unhealthy ingredients that absorb into your skin - not good for you or your kids. This is a more skin friendly face glitter gel as well as body shimmer.
  • Rave and music festival accessories, st patricks day glitter, mardi gras glitter, Princess Belle Costume Glitter. Ruth Paul Skin unicorn sparkles makeup is for day or evening wear. Made in USA.
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