Graftobian Makeup ProPaint Face & Body Paint - White Swan 30ml - Halloween Makeup - Costume Makeup for Adults - Body Paints for Adults - Face Paint Makeup - Skin Paint - Makeup Paint - REVIEW

  • Easy to apply, doesnt transfer easily.I went out and it did not come off so easy with sweat. Got home to wash it off and came out easy. Barely to no residue.
  • I was going for poison Ivy from the HQ cartoon series and this color was perfect. Stayed on all night.
  • Amazing product overall, but it unfortunately gave me a bit of a skin rash, so I may just be allergic to it. But it seems like it's easier to apply and use than oil-based face paint.
  • I turned myself into an alien for Halloween, this was my first experience with costume makeup and it turned out SO GOOD!!! The product was extremely easy to use and apply, it didn’t crack AT ALL 👏🏻 throughout the night. This product can go on sheer but the more you apply, the more coverage/color. Was not hard to wash off, I used soap and water. It did stain my wig ☹️🥺 but other than that I was very happy!!
  • Love this product. My only wish is that the company made smaller pans, similar to other stage makeup brands. I will never use all this up. With that being said, I bought the Navy, which isn’t a true navy in my mind because it’s not very dark. However, I use this as eyeliner —and have received SO many compliments! I smudge it softly as it’s drying and it creates a beautiful royal blue without screaming blue.
  • I only used it once so far and I did it completely wrong, so that's my fault.You MUST blot with a blending sponge. Do not wipe it or smear it unless you want a cakey Joker cosplay.It's water activated so it turns into a cream from a dry disc but if it gets too wet in the container it will drip white paint everywhere so be careful. Of course it cleans up SUPER easy so no big deal, just put some water on it and it cleans up. Also I didn't use setting spray in this attempt and even scrubbing hard on my face with a dry hand, it didn't rub off at all. It also dried back up into the disc to be used again.I definitely overestimated and used way too much and wasted some.>Washes off easy with water, but doesn't rub off easily under normal wear and tear.>Tiny amount goes A LONG WAY.>Opaque, good coloring if you know how to apply it properly.
  • I used this for a Pinky/Mina cosplay. It was My first time cosplaying AND my first time doing body paint! It builds up well, is a nice color, and applies pretty evenly with a dense foundation brush. Just perfect the finish with a beauty blender afterward. The makeup washed out of my makeup brushes fairly easily, and people were complimenting my body paint all con! MAKE SURE YOU SET IT WITH A POWDER. Mehron sells a great one, it didn’t transfer a whole lot once I set it. It lasted well over 12 hours with minimal fading. Highly recommend!
  • I’ve never done full body pain before , let alone do it by myself. So with the little container they give you and no sense of direction , I was able to do a “meh” job. But nevertheless it’s the final product that matters (hence the edited second pic). If you’ve used this method before, you should be fine..but if it’s your first time you may have a hard time in the beginning with applying the product.Ps. I didn’t use a white base before applying the product so the first pic is pretty the result of that for my poc.
  • I won’t lie I was concerned about the ease of use before I bought it…but all of those worries went down the drain after my first use.What is nice is it gives you great coverage, feels like you have nothing on (important for someone like me who does not wear make on a regular basis), and you control how dark the color and sheerness by how much you use! The ease of use is crazy…I did my makeup-didn’t like how it came out so I washed it off and redid it….I was able to do this because it washes off easily and didn’t take much time to reapply! The container is pretty small and you first look at it and think “yeah-great deal-what is this one use?”….I did my entire face, neck,shoulders, arms and chest 6 times and it doesn’t even look like I put a dent into it…so don’t let the small size fool you….a little goes a long LONG way! I received so many compliments on my makeup and people asking what I used! This is really a GREAT BUY… and now I want it in every possible color!! Lol
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  • IDEAL FACE PAINTS: ProPaint is a highly blendable face & body paint that coats large areas easily. You need a little product on your brush or sponge for vibrant and bold coverage. Our professional face paint's glycerin-based solution transforms into a rich, creamy consistency when activated by water, enabling smooth, even application.
  • DURABLE: Our Halloween body paint dries to a brilliant finish that is comfortable on the skin without feeling heavy or greasy. This incredibly resilient paint is smudge-proof and long-wearing throughout the day without cracking or peeling. The shades of our face and body coverage makeup are great for use as Cosplay makeup or steampunk costumes.
  • EASY TO USE: A modest bit of water is needed to activate our ProPaint. Moisten the sponge or brush, and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream. Apply to the skin area, and allow to dry to a smudge-proof finish. Our water-based face and body makeup does not need to be set with powder.
  • WASHES OFF EASILY: Our costume make up can be cleaned off the face or body with soap and water. No additional specialized removers are required. Our body and face paint are not harmful to the hair, nails, or skin. The amount of water used on cakes and the size of the pattern may affect the application.
  • GRAFTOBIAN'S ADVOCACY: We handcraft makeup products in the USA to the highest standards, without testing them on animals. Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.
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