LASHVIEW DIY Lash Extension Kit, 144 Pcs Lash Clusters with Lash Bond and Seal, Mascara Brush Cluster Lash Glue Remover, Lash Applicator and Travel Eyelash Curler for DIY Eyelashes Extensions(Style-Volume) - REVIEW

  • I specifically ordered this kit because it came with the bond and seal, unlike other sets of lashes. I have found them to be so easy to apply that even my teen likes to try them out and can do them with ease. The clusters are a bit thick so some do not look as natural as I would like but the bond and seal work well and they stay in place. A nice set for beginners.
  • I really loved this kit. It came with 12 rows of clusters, ranging from 10-16. Bond and seal, lash curler and tweezers. The lashes are very lightweight. and super natural on. I applied m lashes on Monday and they are still intact. Super buildable for desired volume. Grab your kits ya coins! DIY individual lashes in under 10 mins...IM SOLD.
  • These lashes are very thick. Easy to use. Great for the outter corner of the eye. Would buy again.
  • I've used a lot of lashes as I've suffered with a lot of hair thinning on lashes, eyebrows and hair. These have an incredibly thin band and are very easy to apply. I bought the volume and I'm very happy with them. There is a bit if a learning curve but stick with it!
  • The media could not be loaded. Was pretty simple applying well see how they hold up!!!
  • This are so easy and fast to put on glueWorks so good 👍🏽👍🏽 and they look so natural.
  • I was excited to receive this product because I've been wanting to try out false lashes. These were a perfect choice for my first time. I liked that there were a variety of sizes and had a good quantity. The lashes are light and keep their shape. The instructions were easy to follow and I was happy it came with a bonder. I'm having lots of fun and my lashes look natural and healthy.
  • I’ve tried and wasted so much time on other lashes on amazon, trust me, and all of them have the hardest thickest bands that poke and irritate my eye. These are the only lashes i’ve ever ordered that are SO LIGHTWEIGHT and like feathers. I’ve tried to find others out there but keep coming back to this one
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  • Beginner-friendly Cluster Lash Kit - The LASHVIEW all-inclusive kit provides everything you need for effortlessly stunning lashes. From 144 ultra-fine band Cluster Lashes to the Lash Bond and Lock, Cluster Lash Remover, Mini Phoenix Applicator, and a mini eyelash curler, we've got you covered from start to finish.
  • Unmatched Comfort for Gorgeous Lashes - Experience the perfect blend of comfort and beauty with our ultra-fine band lashes. The 0.3mm superfine band is incredibly soft and lightweight, giving your lashes a natural, fluffy look that feels as light as air. These premium individual lash clusters are exceptionally high-quality and can be reused multiple times.
  • Effortless 3-Step Application & Fast 1-Minute Removal - Our 2IN1 Lash Bond & Lock ensures long-lasting hold while being beginner-friendly. Applying and removing your lashes has never been easier. Our Cluster Lash Remover not only nourishes your lashes but also leaves no residue or damage behind.
  • Tools Designed for Perfect Application - The innovative Phoenix Applicator by LASHVIEW is ergonomically designed to simplify the lash application process. Along with the mini eyelash curler included, you can ensure your lashes are perfectly prepped for a flawless effect that will turn heads.
  • Unbeatable Value - Get high-quality, reusable lashes and a variety of essential tools at an exceptional price point. The LASHVIEW DIY Eyelash Extension Kit offers incredible cost performance, giving you more value for your money.
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