LATIBELL Glow in The Dark Body Glitter Gel, UV Body Glitter Glow in The Dark, Neon Body Glitter Face Glitter Gel, Chunky Glitter Makeup Festival Party Rave Accessories - 2.4 oz (Blue) - REVIEW

  • This item was the perfect bling for our glow party. We also streaked it in our hair and the girls wore it on their face and body. It really is beautiful. The pot has quite a bit so we will have plenty for different upcoming events over the years!
  • It looks amazing but you might want to put it on outdoors! Lol it gets everywhere!
  • At first, I really liked this stuff! It's super easy to put on, pretty shiny, fun glitter shapes and emits a cool glow at night. But then I realized it's VERY ADHESIVE.... It took me so long to get this stuff off in the shower. I still had some glitter and adhesive remnants on me even after scrubbing. I did use a lot of it, so maybe that was my mistake. Guess I'll try again next time with a much finer layer.
  • The media could not be loaded. This stuff is incredible. Its gorgeous, its shimmery and icy blue and just...UGHH!!Its super easy to apply. However I dont know how to get it to stay longer. Im sure the makeup girlies can figure it out. I mean it LASTS, just dont brush up against it is what I mean.Not relivant, but youre gonna enjoy the application process (if only for the sound the glitter makes as youre scooping it out and applying it. Its one of the heavenliest crunchy sounds youve ever heard. lol It just makes the process really enjoyable.The glow only last about 20 min before it dulls down to nothing. But if youve got a key chain UV light, you can keep reactivating it!!Its literally my new favorite (makeup?) I wanna wear this stuff all the time!!
  • I really do want to love this but it just has no stay power. It rubbed off pretty quickly. Even using primer and a setting spray. The glow is decent and it looks amazing when first applied. I wish it stayed better though.
  • Very easy to apply…stayed on through heat, humidity, and sweat at Miami Ultra!Beautiful glow in the dark after sun exposure. Takes some scrubbing to remove but no skin irritation. I’d definitely purchase this again!
  • Just like any glitter it is going to hang around for a while but it just takes a shower or a warm cloth to remove it from skin.
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  • Glow In The Dark Body Glitter: LATIBELL body glitter gel can glow brightly in the dark after absorbing light. (IMPORTANT: this glow glitter needs to absorb light to emit light, UV light is the best and fast light for it to absorb). PLEASE NOTE IT CAN NOT GLOW ON ITS OWN!
  • No Primers Or Adhesives Needed: Unlike other loose glitters, LATIBELL body glitter combines the glitter with a gel base. That means you can apply it without needing any additional products like glue or adhesives. It saves your time and spending. Just stick a finger into the glitter, then spread it over the area you want to have glitter. Done!
  • Great UV Party Supplies: Shows an instant and bright glow effect under UV lighting. If you're planning to go to some parties with UV light, and want amazing glitter makeup to surprise others, then this is it! Same glow effects as glow in the dark body paint/UV body paint but with easier application and shiny effects. An out of the ordinary choice for you!
  • Glitter For Day Time & Night Time Activities: In the daytime, this glitter gel adds intense shine and sparkle that catches the light wherever it¡¯s placed ¡ª Face, shoulders, collarbone, chest, back, arms, or legs. A pretty gloss twinkled in the right light. Suitable rave accessories for parties, festivals, clubs, dancing, concerts, and so on. Want to know what wonderful things will happen to you with this glitter, you'll have to get one to use your creativity.
  • Product Details: Mixed with moon shape, star shape, hexagon glitter. Packed with 2.4 oz of each jar (others usually less than 2 oz). Storage in a travel-friendly jar with a secure, twist-off lid. Made of cruelty-free formulas, vegan, and doesn¡¯t contain any animal products.
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