LOKFAR 12 Colors Matte Liquid Eyeliner Colorful Set, Matte Liquid Colorful Eye-Liner Pen Neon Colored Eyeliner Eye Makeup, Long Lasting Water-Proof Smudge-Proof Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Pen -#A - REVIEW

  • I recently purchased the 12 Colors Matte Liquid Eyeliner Colorful Set, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This set of matte liquid eyeliners has taken my eye makeup game to a whole new level, providing me with endless possibilities to express my creativity and enhance my overall look.The range of colors included in this set is truly impressive. With twelve vibrant shades to choose from, I can easily match my eyeliner to any outfit or occasion. From bold blues and greens to soft pinks and purples, this set offers a diverse spectrum that caters to all moods and styles. Whether I'm going for a dramatic, smoky look or a subtle pop of color, these eyeliners have got me covered.The matte finish of these liquid eyeliners is stunning. It adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to my eye makeup, making it stand out in the best possible way. The smooth and precise application allows me to create sharp, defined lines effortlessly, giving my eyes a polished and professional look. The eyeliners dry quickly, ensuring smudge-free wear throughout the day.What sets these eyeliners apart is their exceptional staying power. Once applied, they stay in place without fading or smudging, even after hours of wear. I appreciate that I don't have to constantly touch up or worry about my eyeliner losing its intensity. It remains vibrant and bold until I decide to remove it.The applicator brush is another highlight of this set. It is fine and flexible, allowing for precise control and easy maneuverability. Whether I'm aiming for a thin, delicate line or a bold cat-eye flick, the brush delivers the desired results with ease. It glides smoothly across my eyelids, ensuring a seamless and even application every time.Despite the intense pigmentation and long-lasting formula, these eyeliners are surprisingly easy to remove. A gentle makeup remover or cleanser is all it takes to wipe away the color without any residue or staining. This is a huge plus for me, as I prefer makeup that doesn't require excessive scrubbing or tugging on my delicate eye area.Lastly, the value for money with this set is fantastic. Considering the quality and variety of shades provided, the price is incredibly reasonable. Each eyeliner contains a generous amount of product, ensuring long-lasting use and plenty of opportunities for experimentation.In conclusion, the 12 Colors Matte Liquid Eyeliner Colorful Set is a must-have for any makeup lover who enjoys playing with colors and creating versatile eye looks. The vibrant shades, matte finish, long-lasting formula, and user-friendly applicator make this set a standout in the world of liquid eyeliners. Whether you're a makeup beginner or an experienced artist, this set will inspire you to get creative and elevate your eye makeup game. Highly recommended!
  • I was incredibly excited to try a rainbow look to match my rainbow glasses! I specifically waited until I had worked all day to take this picture. The line held up better than very expensive ones I have tried, and some colors are surprisingly pigmented. I did take away 1 star, for 2 reasons. The orange and both yellows do not show up. Even with a white primer base. The other reason being, the colors are not on the liner pens, they're only numbered (and the number chart is not on the packaging, so you have to open each one). Ultimately, I will definitely be recommending this product! The price cannot be beat for the long lasting product and most of them being awesome!
  • I have really enjoyed these, and most of the colors are vibrant and not sheer. The only negatives are that a color or two are not as pictured (I basically got two browns and two dark purples rather than a brown and a peach and a purple and a lavender) and if you have darker skin, the colors are not going to be as vibrant as on the models - but they are still bold and fun.
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  • 【Colorful Eyeliner Set】12 different colors matte effects liquid eyeliner, you can try multiple colors. The pen tip has silky lines, light and convenient, rapid drying, make your eye makeup glamorous throughout the day.
  • 【Highly Pigmented】Highly pigmented, easy to apply and colored, natural and waterproof formula that be glides on smoothly, high precision tip that draw clear eyeline, pretty coloring.
  • 【Long Lasting Waterproof】Waterproof & Smudge-proof, soft natural formula and quick drying, no fading, water tight, sweat proof, no smudge.
  • 【Quick Remover】Easily to remove with makeup remover or cleansing oil, you don't have to worry about pigmentation. TIPS: Please do not blink your eyes immediately after use, It is recommended to dry for 2-3 minutes, and then lasts all day wearing.
  • 【WIDELY USE】12 different colors with exquisite packaging design. Perfect for daily makeup, office makeup, masquerade parties. It will be a perfect gift for your girlfriend, female family member.
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