L’Oréal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara Primer Base, Millennial Pink, 0.27 Fluid Ounce, Packaging May Vary - REVIEW

  • I have stubby, light, thin lashes. This helps a LOT. Be warned, it does go gloopy, but probably not before that 90-day date that you should replace it by anyway. I've tried allllll the primers and so far this is the winner for use, wear, removability, and price.
  • I’m so tired of people griping about clumsiness when really it’s their lack of ability to WIPE THE EXTRA OFF THE BRUSH. It’s no not brain surgery guys, wipe it off. This is phenomenal primer, it makes my lanes insanely long and voluminous. Do let it dry for a moment before you put on the mascara for best effect and you’ll love it.
  • I have been using this mascara primer for a number of years. As I have gotten older, my lashes aren’t as noticeable as they once were, so I use this before applying my mascara as directed. It does a nice job of adding volume to my lashes as opposed to mascara on its own. I also can use less mascara because of it which helps to avoid smudging around the eyes. The only thing I don’t like is that it tends to thicken up in the tube after awhile which causes it to clumpa bit on the lashes. Brushing with a clean lash brush after applying helps solve that problem. Overall, it’s a good product and I will continue to use it.
  • I have been using this eyelash primer for a year now. I apply two coats and then the regular lash paradise over it. Adds so much volume and length to my lashes! Highly recommend
  • Not a bad primer, but be very liberal when applying as the wand is designed to provide full coverage but this causes the product to clump, very frustrating once you apply the mascara, I look like I have spider legs for eyelashes! Lol I usually use the L’oreal Voluminous primer and this one is the best, doesn’t clump and separates nicely while extending lashes :)
  • Aging has its challenges, and for many of us, aging skin and hair requires more care. This eyelash primer is pale pink and my brown mascara overlay hides it well. It lengthens and thickens my eyelashes. Very happy with this and like it much better than white primers I have tried in the past.
  • Amazing product to put in under your mascara. Defines & makes lashes look super long! Must buy!!
  • I was so tired of my mascara always falling off and my eyes looking so black underneath (I already suffer from chronic dark circles) this is a game changer for me! Literally keeps my mascara on my lashes where it belongs! I will buy this over and over and over again and again.
  • My eye lashes but at least one half come dry and I have to throw them away and I have ordered severe different
  • Absolutely loved this product! It made my eyelashes fuller feeling and longer looking. Great price for the product, too!
  • Love this primer. Really makes a difference in how your mascara goes on and how your lashes look.
  • THIS stuff is the bomb! Love love love it. Looks like I have thick lush lashes….almost falsies. IMO. Really like that i do not need to curl my lashes when I use this product.
  • This stuff is great! I bought it by mistake once and now I'm hooked on it. It really makes my mascara by Cover Girl, go a very long way, and my lashes look great.
  • I had never used mascara primer before.I didn’t even know it existed but I love it.It goes on white so you can easily see where you have applied it but it dries clear.Then when you put on your mascara, it goes on so smoothly without clumping.Great product!!
  • Doesn't have a scent. One of the better mascara primers I have used and I have tried alot of them!!
  • I love me a good Lash Primer and this bottle is just so pretty!! I don't like to brush that comes with it, though-it's too wide and holds too much product. I am constantly wiping off the brush on the canister, just to use it. It works great, just needs a smaller bristled brush.
  • This product replaced my Origins brand which is no longer made. Great value and adds the oomph needed
  • I'm 22 & my dad used to buy me the Primer & mascara duo from Costco. Over the years I've experimented with different mascaras & a few primers, & this is still my favorite Primer after all these years. It's so much easier to take my mascara off & it helps lengthen my lashes a bit more
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  • L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara Primer: Soft white mascara primer thickens lashes for voluptuous volume and helps enhance the wear of your mascara. Lash primer mascara visibly lengthens and volumizes lashes with for a soft to the touch feel
  • Caring Make Up Formula: 99% natural origin ingredient eyelash primer formula with Chamomile Extract and Vitamin E provides an all day caring, comfortable feel. Ophthalmologist tested, suitable eye makeup for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Volumizing Brush: Soft wavy brush with over 200 bristles holds maximum formula to coat and prepare lashes for mascara. To use, glide lash primer brush from lash base to lash tip, allowing to dry before applying washable or waterproof mascara on top
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  • L'Oreal Paris Beauty: A leading total beauty care company based in Paris, we offer innovative products and unique expertise from beauty experts in makeup, skin care, hair care, styling and hair color
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