OBEYA Lash Bonder for Eyelash Extensions, Super Eyelash Bonder for Lash Extensions, Glue Accelerator for Better Bond, Lash Seal Lock Glue Fume Reduce Irritation, Proof Water Oil for Longer Retention - REVIEW

  • This product worked as it stated. The only negative was that it really burns and irritated the eyes. One has to be extremely careful if you don’t want the irritation. However, once you learn what works best to apply, it’s a great product.
  • This has definitely helped my retention and if I use a bit before starting my application it definitely helps with the fumes! Definitely recommend.
  • I loved this bonder. I tried this one while I was lashing and it worked wonders. Helped keep my lashes sealed and separated while I lashed to which is something I struggled with before. I also love that it came with the micro swabs too
  • I havent tried this yet b ut i just wanted to say thank you for addding the mirco swabs into this package !!!
  • This has helped out my clients whose lash retention struggles. I did try it on the clients who do great normally, and it did the opposite on them. So I have learned who it works for but boy does it help them go 3-4 weeks! Awesome!
  • This bonder was a nice addition to doing my lashes. It definitely helped with adhesion with the glue itself. It makes my lashes last so much longer. It’s also easy to use and definitely recommendable to beginners.
  • Was pretty good, was trying to do a lash install on myself and the glue was really harsh and this pretty much stopped the fumes and soon as the fan hit it for a minute or two the fumes stopped and the lash glue was not burning my eyes.
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  • 【GLUE ACCELERATOR】Lash Extension Bonder can as adhesive activator to help lash glue dry faster. Only need like a very small drop of lash bonder, expedites the drying process of lash adhesives by dehydrating the adhesive, instantly polymerises the glue, without shock curing.
  • 【SUPER BONDER】 OBEYA Lash bonder for lash extensions adds elasticity to lash extension glue, making the bonds more flexible. More flexibility means less breakage, resulting in better retention.
  • 【LASH SEAL】Reduces Irritation: OBEYA bonder make lash adhesive cures from the inside out resulting in reduced fume, without nanomisters or nebulizers! Sealing the fumes from the adhesive significantly reduces irritations and sensitivities! Lash artits must have this bonder in your lash extension supplies and great use as a lash sealant.
  • 【WATER & OIL PROOF】Use our lash bonder and clients can wash face after 5 minutes so no longer have to wait 24-48 hours.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY】Tips: Not Glue not stick.
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