UV Face and Body Paint Sticks - Costume, Halloween and Club Makeup - Safe for all Skin Types - Easy On and Off - by Splashes & Spills (6 Pack) - REVIEW

  • I did not read the description, and I thought they were markers. They are body paint texture like lipstick. Easily comes on and off of whatever you put it on.Very fluorescent under black light.
  • I purchased these to celebrate my birthday with a black light theme and they were awesome! Glided on smooth, easy to wash, bright, and it came with a small black light to test it out. These were a fun addition to the bright colors used as decoration.
  • This is is fun for all. If you have kids they love it just like međź’™
  • I got these for a children’s birthday “glow party” at a location with blacklight. We ended up letting the kids draw whiskers, spots, and other things on each other’s faces because they enjoyed it so much “to draw light on dark faces”. The pens are easy to use, and a little pressure is needed to deposit color which helps reduce color in unwanted places. We had Neutrogena make-up removal towels which make removal easy.
  • This stuff really glows well under blacklight and was an awesome addition to our glow party.
  • We had a blacklight party and used these makeup crayons, and they worked PERFECT. They were easy to draw with, and didn't drip everywhere like some of the paints we used. They looked spectacular under a blacklight, though some of the colors were dimmer than others. I will only buy these again for my next blacklight event, and skip the messy paints.
  • Very vibrant blacklight colors. Easy to apply and easy to remove. Didn't stain my skin even after hours of wear. The pen is a but chunky which means hard to do detailed work with it. I submitted pics and the big dots above my eyebrows were done with this product, and the lips, the rest of the makeup look was other UV makeup items.
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  • AWESOME COSTUME ACCESSORY: Be the life of the party and dazzle the crowd with bright neon, luminous makeup paint that glows under any UV and black lights.
  • GREAT FOR RAVES AND FESTIVALS: Express yourself at any large club, rave or festival with black lights. This body paint will make you stand out above everyone else.
  • SAFE FOR SKIN: Our make-up has been tried and tested on human skin and verified to cause no damage so you can safely put it anywhere on your body this season.
  • MULTI COLOR FUN: Turn your body into an artful masterpiece with six great colors - blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow - and let your imagination run wild.
  • CHARGED ULTRAVIOLET: Enhance the glow of your makeup by exposing it to sunlight for up to 30 minutes, which will "recharge the paint to shine as bright as ever.
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