3D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit - 7C SevenCrown Magnetic Lashes Natural Looking with Upgraded 4 Tubes of Magnetic Liner Waterproof, Long Lasting,10 Pairs Reusable False Eyelashes Easy to Apply. - REVIEW

  • My wife didn't want the glue on kind so we found these. They are so easy to use. I watch her put them on. She applies the mascara stuff and then the eyelashes stick right to it like a magnet.She wore them all afternoon without them coming loose. They look great on her!
  • Works surprisingly well. I don't really use fake lashes but these were easy to apply and held on all day!
  • These lashes worked pretty well for me. They fit nicely, though they may heed to be trimmed a little to fit, depending on the length of your eye. They were easy to apply. I just put the included liner on as I normally would and them connected the lashes to the liner. They stuck well and looked good, though I'm not normally used to the look of false lashes on myself. I haven't worn them for really long lengths of time, though they have lasted well whenever I have worm them. Because I don't normally wear lashes, I think that I would prefer something a little more subtle. I do notice them when they are on, though they are more comfortable to me than the glue-on lashes I had tried in the past. They are also easier to remove than the glue-on type and clean up after removing them was easier than I expected. I feel like they are a good value for what you get and are a nice quality product. I still don't plan on wearing lashes every day, but these are nice for when I do want to wear them.
  • I really enjoyed these magnetic lashes.Super full and lusciously!Easy to apply the black liquid, dried very quickly and easy to apply.The lashes remained in place for hours!Removal was easy and did not pull any of my real lashes off. It really boosts your makeup and just gives your face a touch of glam!
  • I love the natural-looking appearance of these magnetic lashes. The wispy design adds a subtle and glamorous touch to my eyes, enhancing my overall look. They look really realistic and have a lightweight feel. The included eyeliner is long-lasting and easy to apply. It provides a strong magnetic hold for the lashes throughout the day. The lashes are durable and can be reused multiple times. I love that they maintain their shape and appearance after multiple uses. The applicator makes it easy to align and attach the lashes securely to the eyeliner, even for those who may be new to using magnetic lashes. These lashes are comfortable to wear and do not irritate my eyes.
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  • 💗【HIGH QUALITY EYELASHES,HAND-MADE,MORE QUANTITY 】 SevenCrown eyelashes be meticulous handmade to ensure the best quality and long lifespan.lashes Vivid and shiny,natural and gorgeous looking. Very durable and perfect performance. Each false eyelashes has strong and steady magnets, that means you don't have to worry about embarrassment of dropping.
  • 💗【SOFT MATERIAL】 Made of thin fiber material,full but natural looking, excellent length and width. as soft as real eyelashes, these false eyelashes are soft and comfortable to wear, and the ultra thin fiber eyelashes may give you a natural and beautiful look.
  • 💗【BEAUTIFY YOUR EYES】 Put on these thin and long false eyelashes and your eyes would look bigger, brighter and more attractive, Suitable for daily life, party and so on. Make your eyes charm and attractive.
  • 💗【SPECIAL UPGRADED MAGENTIC EYELINER】 SevenCrown Magnetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the High-Strength magnets in the false eyelashes to adhere strongly.This means you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of falling eyelashes in the soup during a date.
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