Maybelline New York Volume' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara, Very Black, 0.3 Fluid Ounce - REVIEW

  • This mainly gets a 5 starbecause I "ugly cried" after a really stressful day at work and this mascara didn't give me raccoon eyes and stayed put for the most part. It also holds a curl for a long time so thats a plus.
  • Great drugstore mascara - easy to use and works far better than others I have tried
  • I like to use this mascara every day and I like because this only comes out with makeup remover.
  • Good mascara, I like the wand it gives a lot of volume. Will smudge after all day wear but I've seen much worse.
  • My new favorite mascara! A little hard to get off but it’s not a problem with neutropenia waterproof makeup remover wipes.
  • Good mascara at an affordable price.This works well for straight lashes, and keeps them curled after using your eyelash curler.Better than some expensive brands I’ve tried.
  • I have naturally long eye lashes that stick straight out with zero curl. I like this mascara because it keeps my lashes separated, gives them some volume, and it holds a curl better than any other mascara I've tried. I usually switch between this and the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because that one gives more volume, but this holds a curl way better and doesn't flake like the other one. The texture is a little watery, but that makes it less clumpy. It is difficult to get off since it's waterproof, and I usually have to rub oil on my lashes and let it sit for awhile to get it all off.Pictures show with and without the mascara.
  • I’ve been using this mascara for years. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Renee
  • Love this! And have a hard time sometimes finding it in local stores… One star off for the price, but I suppose that is on me as well… Since I’m willing to pay more when I can’t find it local.
  • Absolutely the best for holding curls.I have stick straight lashes that grow downward and this keeps the curl perfectly, all day.Dries fast and doesn't rub off on my oily eyelids.Love it and will keep using.
  • EVERYONE asks my daughter and I what mascara we use. This makes your eyelashes long, and it foes on beautifully! No clumping, or flaking. I highly recommend!!!I am not being paid or promoted to provide a review.
  • I really like this mascara.It's about the best I've found for the money.It stays on well but washes off easily.I have tried more expensive mascaras that have caused irritation and this does not.Very Happy Eyes.
  • A friend told me about this mascara. I didn't believe her, because it isn't expensive, and usually the less expensive products are not always the best, but in this case - bravo!It sticks to your eyelashes quickly, so application time is minimized. It's so easy to get my mascara on now. I've been using it for three years and wouldn't trade it for any other brand, expensive or otherwise.
  • This waterproof mascara holds up - ALL DAY and NIGHT. It holds up during my mid-day workouts and swims at the gym. It does not run, smudge, or flake. No clumps to worry about. The wand is flawless. At times, I have long flights and even longer travel days. I arrive at my destination with my mascara looking fresh. Love, love, love this product. Highly recommend.
  • Just got this today 💞 love it! Love the wand and that it seems the bristles are silicone or something other than regular bristles and it works wonders. It made my lashes not only longer and longer with every swipe but separated them so cleanly! My lashes also held their curl! Will get again :)! The wand is what sold me on my!Edit*** had a hard time getting it off with makeup wipes so it is definitely water proof lol
  • I got this from target (because I have a trip coming up and I am leaving before the shipping date) but I decided to try it after reading the reviews online! The mascara brush seemed to really fan out my lashes and although it has only been 1 day, it has not flaked or smudged! Not sure how it will be to take off but I love it so far!
  • I like that this doesn’t run or flake off. I also like that it goes on easy and you don’t have to put it on A bunch of times
  • This is my favorite mascara. It is truly waterproof and really adds a lot of volume to my rather skimpy lashes.
  • Great mascara.Goes on nicely and came quickly,and wrapped very well. Good company got it right out to me !
  • Great mascara! I usually curl my eyelashes first then go over them w this mascara and they stay up til the end of the day. The wand is made of silicone and it separates them and does not clump. To remove you do have to use a waterproof makeup remover or coconut oil to remove it. I always keep extra because it is comparable to the old one by one that Maybelline discontinued.
  • I love this mascara! It keeps my lashes lifted all day! Getting waterproof helps with that too!
  • This affordable mascara applies nicely to lashes and makes them look nice and full. This is my go to mascara and try to keep multiples on hand because I don’t want to be without.
  • I'm obsessed with mascara and I'm always trying new brands, high end AND drug store since it's the only makeup product I wear every day (on upper lashes only) other than a tinted lip balm. This mascara is awesome! Great coverage, lash separation, and definitely waterproof and long-wearing. Only complaints are that it can occasionally transfer when my lashes touch my skin for an extended period of time and it can get just a SMIDGE flakey, but that's usually only if I'm messing with my eyelashes. This mascara is definitely in my top 3 favorites! Glad this is a 2-pack so I can keep a tube in the bathroom where I do my every day makeup and in the makeup bag in my purse!
  • I love this mascara. Lashes are longer in no time. It doesn't flake off and lasts for more than a day easily
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  • Explosive volume in rocket time 6x bigger, smoother
  • Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever
  • Supersonic brush and fast glide formula
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