Ardell LashFree, 2 Ounce Bottle - REVIEW

  • It definitely takes the eyelash glue off, quickly too! DO NOT get it in your eye, it burns!
  • This stuff burns like crazy, don't get it in your eye. Its a special kind of pain if you do. Having said that, it gets the job done, getting eyelash glue off. There's just a price, PAIN! I'm a no pain no gain kind of girl so I do use it nightly, I just feel like a burn victim for 10 mins after.
  • I purchased this remover to use it once I needed to remove my DIY lashes. It works SO GOOD!! I use the ardell water proof glue and it will rip your lashes out if you don't have a remover. Please - take it from me, you don't want to pull your lashes out, so this is the real deal!!
  • This does the trick but beware it stings really bad if it gets in or close to your eyeball. It’s best to use a Q-Tip and gently wipe across the top of your lash for removal.
  • I do my own lash extensions and made my last set too tight together. I needed to get them off as opposed to letting them fall off when it's their time. I followed all directions and watched several videos on YouTube about removing your own extensions safely. It started okay and then my eye and eyelid began burning. After flushing my eyes with water, only about half of my lashes had come off with the solution. It was a multi-day process to get the liquid to dissolve the glue.I wish this liquid could be a little thicker, it would sit on the lashes better and destroy the adhesive. Other than the burning, the product did its job after a few days.
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  • QUICK DISSOLUTION TIME: Ardell LashFree only requires a small amount of product to dissolve the bond of the adhesive effectively in 1-2 minutes. It nourishes the natural lashes as it effectively breaks down the adhesive and helps remove eyelashes faster and easier. The formula doesn't flow easily when applied to the eyelash, so it helps you to remove the glue clearly that remains exactly where you want it.
  • FUSS-FREE FAKE LASH REMOVAL: Ardell LashFree is designed for safe and trouble-free glue removal. Just a small amount of preparation is enough to get rid of firmly attached clusters. Simply cover the lower eyelid with a paper tissue. Close the eye and damp a thin brush of this fake eyelash remover then gently apply to the glue until you detach individual eyelashes. Repeat if necessary.
  • MADE FROM SAFE, PREMIUM GRADE INGREDIENTS: As this individual eyelash adhesive remover from Ardell is specially made by lash experts, it’s ensured using the highest quality ingredients that have been salon tested all over the world. Made using the same ingredients found in the medical-grade lash adhesive eliminator, this product does not contain latex or formaldehyde-free, 100 % cruelty-free - never tested on animals and proudly made in the US.
  • DELICATELY SCENTED: Ardell LashFree is an essential tool for every technician as it effectively dissolves the adhesive bond, effortlessly removing eyelash extensions in the process. Professionals prefer using this because it does not run in clients’ eyes which makes the removal process pleasurable. Its cool solution color makes keeping track of where you've applied the gel super easy!
  • BEAUTY BRAND YOU TRUST: Ardell is a widely recognized name in faux lashes and brow artistry by catering not just to legions of beauty professionals and Hollywood makeup artists but also to women looking to enhance their own beauty. Ardell’s comfort and affordability makes them a luxury that elevates any makeup look to another level. It offers an array of faux lashes, brows design essentials, and color cosmetics to suit every woman, every skin type, every event, and every lifestyle.
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