Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara, Lengthening and Volumizing for a Full Fan Effect,Very Black, 1 Count - REVIEW

  • I love this product it's the best I have ever used. I'm 73 and have almost no eyelashes.But now I can with this awesome mascara. It stays on great and sooo easy to remove
  • I've been a diehard waterproof mascara fan of any brand for years as I found waterproof doesn't give me raccoon eyes. I accidentally got this mascara and glad I did.No smudge, budge or smear regular wearing mascara without the eyelash crunch at the end of the day. It's lengthening and volumizing which is just wanted I wanted. Great value, long lasting "normal" mascara.
  • my go to mascara. give sm volume to my stubby lashes. the wand shape helps sm its my personal favorite đź’—
  • I have used dozens of mascaras and this is my go-to now! Absolutely love the coverage and volume... and I don't need to use more than a couple of layers. Love it.
  • I like this mascara a lot. My first time purchasing it, and I plan to again.
  • Love that this doesn't smear yet comes off easily with makeup remover! Great for sensitive eyes!
  • This mascara holds up really well it doesn’t flake off like others do. I recommend!
  • I liked how this mascara wasn’t too clumpy. And it was in fact waterproof. I didn’t like how after a few hours it would smear to the bottom of my eyes. Maybe it’s just a me problem since I have straight asian lashes that go down. But overall it is a pretty good mascara and is a good value for my money.
  • Pros:Lash Drama to the Max:Maybelline Lash Sensational is not just mascara; it's a cinematic experience for my lashes. They went from supporting actors to leading ladies with just a few swipes. Move over Hollywood; my lashes are stealing the show!Curling Power or Lash Wizardry?:I'm convinced this mascara has secret powers. My lashes now have a curl that defies gravity. It's like they attended Hogwarts and graduated with a degree in Lash Wizardry. Wingardium Leviosa for lashes!Lash Volume: More is More:I asked for volume, and Maybelline delivered a full-blown mascara orchestra. My lashes now have their own theme song when I enter a room. It's like they're announcing my presence with a fluttery symphony.Flirtation Level: Expert:Thanks to this mascara, my lashes have become certified flirtation experts. They bat, they flutter, they basically send Morse code signals to that cute barista. Who needs words when your lashes can do the talking?Cons:Overheard: Lashes Plotting World Domination:I swear, I overheard my lashes discussing world domination. They're so confident now that they might be planning a coup. If my lashes start demanding diplomatic immunity, blame Maybelline.Risk of Lash Addiction:I'm genuinely concerned that I might be addicted to applying this mascara. It's like my lashes are having a perpetual party, and I'm the DJ spinning the mascara wand. Can you OD on lash volume? Asking for a friend.Overall Impression:Maybelline Lash Sensational is not just a mascara; it's a love affair with my lashes. It's turned them into superstars, and I'm just here to bask in their newfound fame. Move over world, my lashes are ready for their close-up!Recommendation:For anyone ready to embark on a mascara-fueled adventure of epic lash proportions, Maybelline Lash Sensational is your ticket to fabulousness. Just be prepared for the spotlight-stealing performance your lashes are about to deliver. It's not just mascara; it's a love story in every swipe!
  • This mascara is 10/10 the best mascara ive ever had i love the color and the wand!!! The wand is the best wand ive ever tried in my opinion it gets through the lashes without clumping together!!!!
  • I like the appearance andapplication. It didn't clump or bother my normally sensitive eyes .looks good on me.
  • I absolutely loved this mascara! It was definitely waterproof like the packaging said and made my lashes look so pretty and luscious. One thing that I would look out for though is it is a tiny bit hard to get off but I would suggest using an oil based cleanser or cleansing balm!
  • First off, the mascara is amazing. Not clumpy, extends the look and length, overall an A+. However, I hate the design of the actual package. Holding the end of the lid is awkward as it's a cone-shape, so it's a weird adjustment to where I feel like I'm going to end up slipping and holding onto the actual wand and get all messy. Anyway, that aside, this is amazing mascara.
  • The mascara has a curved brush that helps to reach the corner of your eye.It also keeps your eyelashes curled. The brush is like a plastic comb that separates your lashes and avoids clumping.
  • This mascara makes my eyelashes look long! And it's affordable so why not?! It never gets lumpy either. I've been buying this brand for years. I wear it all day long and my eyes never become irritated.
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  • Lash Sensational Mascara: Exclusive fanning mascara brush with ten layers of bristles reveals layers of lashes for a sensational full-fan effect; Add the look of length and volume without clumping; Ophthalmologist tested, contact lens safe
  • Define Your Eye: No eye makeup look is complete without Maybelline Mascara; Amp up the drama with The Falsies Mascara, keep it classic with the iconic Great Lash, or go for a smooth, clump-free natural-but-better look Colossal or Lash Sensational Mascara
  • Maybelline Is The Eye Expert: Whatever your signature eye look, whether natural or dramatic, Maybelline helps create looks that draw eyes; With a broad array of pencil and liquid eyeliners, highly pigmented eyeshadows, iconic mascara, and eyebrow makeup
  • Create any look with Maybelline; foundation, BB creams, concealers, and setting powders for the perfect canvas, eye shadows, mascara, brow pencils, and eyeliners for any eye look and lip products, from showstopping lipstick to plumping lip gloss
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