BY MERZY The First Pen Liquid Eye Liner | Waterproof Eyeliner, Long Lasting, Smudge-Resistant, High-Intensity Color | (P2, Dark Brown, Brownie) - REVIEW

  • Color glides on super easy but it is a very very fine tip.For me it was so fine it almost wasn't there (as in you could color in between your eyelashes or the lid water line super easy with this one.)I prefer a chunkier liner but if you're looking for thin this one is a winner.The brown is a nice natural looking brown.A bit lighter/more medium than I expected from the photos.Coverage wise definitely stays on until you remove it.Two thumbs up, I've used products from this brand before and am always happy with the quality.
  • It last a whole day, easy to draw and does not smudge. I have a brown one too, if anyone is torn between blk and brown, and it is much brown than black not a deep dark chocolate color.
  • I like how well this glides on my eyes. I don't usuallylike the liquid type of liners but this one is nice. It did not seem to put to much (like some do) on my eyes which I really liked because trying to take it off not so easy without messing up the eye more!! Works pretty good as a eye brow line as well and that was a nice bonus!! :)
  • Love how easy and simple it is to use this. It glides on so easy and is so vibrant
  • No smudge. Stay all day long . I wear makeup 14 hrs and stay intact.
  • These liquid eyeliner are perfect for beginners is super easy to draw your eyeliner with thin end and is durable
  • I like to wear brown eyeliner as it is much less severe than black. I like the way it looks with blue eyes. This liner is consistent and easy to apply. The brush is the perfect size for thin or thick lining. I can do both eyes without inserting the brush again, which is nice. If I mess up, I can easily fix it with my finger before it dries. The only slight drawback is that I don't think it lasts all that long. I do, however, have watery eyes so I'm sure that doesn't help.
  • I don't use a lot of eye liner but when I do, this is what I use.Easy to apply.Seems to last for a while.When it is hot, I noticed it smudges much easier.Looks nice and easy to use.
  • This liquid eyeliner is very easy to use. The tip is really fine and draws clear, sharp lines. The color is dark and one swipe is enough to line my eyes. It says it is waterproof, but I'm not sure that's accurate. It runs and smudges pretty easily with a bit of water. I use a bit of setting spray on my eyelids before I apply this eyeliner and that seems to help it last better.There is plenty of eyeliner in these containers. It fills the brush bristles well. I haven't had any irritation from using this product. Most of the time I wear eye make up that is less dramatic, but when I want my eyes to stand out more, this is good eyeliner to do it.
  • I like this liquid eyeliner as it’s easy to use, the color is nice & dark, and the liquid comes out pretty even for the most part. But it does have some drawbacks in my opinion.It’s a very precise, fine-tip pen, so the line it draws is very thin of course; therefore I have to go over the same spot a few times in order to get a slightly thicker line. The problem with this is that the liquid liner seems to dry quickly, so if I don’t go over the first layer quick enough, it crumbles a bit when drawn over and then doesn’t look as smooth.I was a bit out of practice with liquid liners and I don’t have the steadiest hand, so occasionally I would make a small error. When this happens, you have to work quickly to scrape off any blips with your fingernail etc before it dries to avoid ruining the rest of your “work.” It made me wish that the opposite end of the pen had a little ‘eraser’ tool!On the plus side, it didn’t seem to cause any irritation to my eyes, even though I got really close to my lash line and I’m sure I got a smidge of the liquid in the corner of my eye, but it didn’t burn or hurt at all.I also like that it came with a second pen, although it would be nice if it came in a different size/thickness for more variety. That way I could alternate between a fine-tip pen and a thicker one.Overall this is not a bad purchase, as long as you’re okay with such a fine-tip liquid liner and you’re nimble & fast with your application!
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