Natural Cluster Lashes Extensions 6-14MM Mixed Lengths Individual Lashes Wispy Fluffy 3D Curly DIY Eyelashes by Mavphnee - REVIEW

  • The band on these lashes is very very soft, and the first set that doesn’t shred and shed at the edges sending random stray lashes into my eyeball. I’ve gone through so many brands of clusters that I almost gave up to go back to my lash lady. The brown color is subtle- when you wear it, they do look black. But they’re not as stark or shiny as most other lash extensions go, which i prefer. I want a “little” extra, not over the top. Paired with LBLA dual lash glue, this set has stuck to my oily eyelids for 5 days so far, in this insane Vegas heat.
  • The media could not be loaded. I looked at the reviews but the eyelashes looked way to good for me to not get them…so I did. The cotton lash band is not actually heavy it’s not irritating my eyes that I have contacts in all the time at all. These are the most comfortable lash clusters I have worn. I have been looking for this look everywhere. Cancel the lash appt sis! Get these & some cluster glue watch a couple of YouTube videos & freestyle. You cannot miss with these!! They are literally under $10. You can glam theses up or create that soft matte casual everyday look if you want.
  • If you like fluffy dramatic lashes this is for you! You can mix and match and stack to create any set and cheaper than one pair of mini lashes
  • I recommend getting this lash cluster set if want it to look super curled up. It is a bit tricky to put on because it is extremely curly. So be patient with it. The end result is worth it! Definitely get these if you want to spruce up you lashes for evening outing.
  • For all my sensitive eye girlies this cotton band is soo comfortable and usually everything itches. I have gone through countless packs trying to find my everyday lash and I’m happy to say I’ve found it!! Applied underneath for a more seamless look and they are thin but not overly fragile to where you will rip them or the fall apart. Just love everything about these!!!
  • These lashes were so easy to apply, I like the fact that they are a little wider than the other smaller pieces that make it easier and faster to put on. They don't irritate my eyes or touch my brow which matters to me since I have sensitive eyes. Will def buy again.
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  • [Natural Looking Cluster Lashes] Featured with lightweight, wispy, 3D curly and crisscross design. 6-14mm Mixed lengths lash clusters give you more choice to create your desired lashes look.
  • [Look Like Lash Extension] 1:1 imitation of the look of lash extensions. From material to curly, these cluster lashes have the same luxury look like lash extensions. And you can do it at home!
  • [Soft Lashes Band] Only 0.3mm lashes band are made of 100% cotton, they are soft, flexible, durable (reuse for 15 times), and anti-allergy. Bring you a “0” feeling wearing experience.
  • [Easy to Apply] Work best with Mavphnee Lash Glue Bond and Seal. Easy to apply like mascara! Beginner friendly.
  • [Mavphnee Wants to Tell You] We are cruelty-free, so don’t worry about our furry friends. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.
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