Pacifica Beauty Dream Big Lash Extending 7 in 1 Black Mascara, For Volume and Length, Lash Lift + Conditioning, Vitamin B + Coconut, Silicone, Sulfate + Paraben Free, Vegan and Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • my friend toldme to get this and i did and she has been using it for 2 years and her eyelashes are so long now and it’s not clumpy
  • I just like this mascara because it’s pretty clean, lasts long and comes off super easy, and it feels nice on the lashes
  • I love that the mascara brush adjusts from length to volume! Such an awesome mascara feature. I wish I loved the mascara itself though. Sadly it smudges so easily, even after it’s dry 🫤 next time I’m gonna buy Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara again
  • This was the first mascara I bought when I was in high school, and I have bought it every year since then. I have tried other mascaras but non can compete. I never ever twist the wand, I just leave it lengthened and it works perfectly for my eyes. I still keep the really old first one I bought because it is so dried out it gives such a subtle non-makeup-makeup look that I try for sometimes. I couldn't imagine a more perfect mascara for me despite shopping around, I always come back to Dream Big
  • I seen someone on TikTok have amazing lashes and i found out it was this that she used so I got it and will never ever go back to a different brand!!!! 10/10
  • The applicator adjusts for volume or length- pair it with the not flaky or tranfering formula and this mascara checks all the boxes
  • This mascara is great, even better that it’s vegan. I have been using this for years. One downfall is I find it dries out very quickly.
  • This has become my favorite mascara. It does not burn or sting my eyes. I use the lengthening mode mostly and it does not clump or transfer.
  • I've tried several all natural, and ornon toxic mascaras and hated every one of them. I almost gave up but decided to try this one because the picture of the brush looked very narrow with long comb like bristles which I love. The price is not completely insane. The ingredients are all safe and simple and the reviews were good. When I received it at first I was disappointed looking at the brush. It's much thicker than the picture. Luckily it's still half the girth of all the other ones I've tried so I manage well enough. It goes on very nice. It's buildable. It doesn't flake or smudge unless I'm sweating then it runs a bit. I'm very happy to have found a really good mascara that won't poison me and I can afford sometimes.
  • Such amazing natural mascara!!! I absolutely love the brush that allows you to change the shape of it. I’ve been using this brand for so long and I never had any complaints.
  • Improvements from previous PacificaMascara I’ve bought. Can get a little clumpy sometimes. I also like the unicorn on the tube.
  • My eyes love this mascara.No more eye irritation. My lashes have actually grown longer.This mascara accents each lashEasy to remove with coconut oil!
  • I’m super picky w mascara and I love this and love that it’s a more natural brand.
  • It is probably the easiest to remove of any mascara ever and doesn't seem to smudge as much at the end of the day.
  • Love this bot length and/or volume (I like to put the applicator in the middle). Nice black color and natural formula don’t irritate my sensitive eyes.Very susceptible to moisture - keep in mind for humid days.Overall love this product.
  • I have used this mascara for over 5 years. It’s my holy grail. It’s buildable from a casual day look to a dark, luscious, going out look. It doesn’t smudge, flake or smear (unless you forget you’re wearing it and rub your eyes…) and always washes clean, even with my extra gentle facial cleanser. I’ve gotten so so many compliments on it and always recommend it. The natural aspect of it is icing on the cake!
  • Never lost lashes with this mascara, it’s very hydrating which is needed if you’re trying to keep yours healthy and long. The brush is sooo nice so you don’t get clumps and can choose between length or volume. Not super waterproof for swimming but won’t smudge if you’re crying.
  • I want my lashes to look longer and fuller, like just about everyone, but without clumping or being overly obvious that I am wearing mascara, and this Dream Big by Pacifica gave me just that!I did only 1 coat with the “long brush,” not even realizing it could twist down, and already loved the result!They looked longer and like I wasn’t wearing any mascara at all!Then I was reading the packaging and discovered the feature to shorten the brush (which is really VERY obvious, I just hadn’t read the box it came in and only bought it because my previous favorite has been discontinued and this was the “best seller” on Amazon at the time) and decided to put on a second coat fully expecting it to get clumpy and give that look I don’t care for in my day to day life, but it didn’t!Just gave them more volume as promised!*please note that at least 5 minutes or so had passed between the first and second coats and the box does say to let the first coat dry before applying a second.I will absolutely be buying more of this!!!
  • This is my favorite mascara EVER. I always apply the length first and then I shorten it and add a little extra to the edges of my lashes to add a winged or tapered lash effect. I have hooded eyes and this wand is perfect for extenuating my lashes without looking weird. I have no issues with smudging or flaking and I have used this mascara in 105-degree Texas heat out at a pride parade so it is incredibly long-lasting
  • This is a wonderful mascara that is not tested on animals and isn’t completely toxic. Like most other ones you’ll find out there. The wand can be adjusted for either thickening or lengthening the eyelashes. Stays on well too and doesn’t run . Love this mascara.!
  • I love Pacifica mascara! I am sensitive to many products and this one is all natural made with minerals and has coconut oil to hydrate your lashes. It is easy to use and adds good volume.
  • This is my new fave! It lengthens and thickens depending on which setting you use. Stays all day, but easy to remove!
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  • Amplify with natural plant fibers
  • Instant length
  • Volumizing and conditioning
  • Dual action brush that works with a single twist
  • Stays put but washes off easily.
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