Revlon Super Length Mascara, Blackest Black - REVIEW

  • Hard to find for my wife I said I could order it and see got just want she wanted
  • I like the product but, find it hard to find in most stores near me.
  • love this mascara! just as good, if not better, than mascaras i’ve spent $25+ on
  • I love this mascara because it has no flakes, that often happen with some volume enhancing mascaras.
  • I was having a hard time finding this locally and Amazon to the rescue!It really washes off easily as compared to other brands that still leave you with racoon eyes.Seller quite nice.Will be buying again!
  • This mascara is a good go to when you want to get the look u deserve
  • In my opinion one of the best drugstore mascaras. It is great for lengthening. Sucks my local Walmart doesn't sell it anymore.
  • I have vitiligo so my eyelashes are white on one eye. This is the only mascara I buy because it covers up the white without having to use a ton of mascara. Every other brand it clumps up like crazy by the time I’m done. Don’t know if that makes a difference for anyone else but works perfect for me!
  • I bought this when it was on sale as an impulse buy and let me tell you, this mascara did not disappoint. It helped my straight short eyelashes look curled and voluminous. Warning though, it is kind of difficult to take off. You need actual makeup remover or some sort of wipe to get it off.
  • I have used Revlon mascara for years, different ones. I do like this one because it separates the lashes and makes them longer.
  • Used for the first time yesterday. (Don’t get out much lately!) it was great. Didn’t clump, and I used multiple layers.
  • I used to love this mascara but got tired of it flaking off after opening and using it for about a month or two. I tried all the little tricks to help prolong the life of the mascara but it didn’t last long.Because I got so tired of the flakes I have since switched to tube mascara (L-Oreal Double Extend) which I highly recommend. However, if you’re looking for a simple mascara that does the job, this one is great and gives great length (I like the brush). If you’re looking for a high quality mascara that lasts all day and stays looking fresh, I wouldn’t recommend this mascara because after a month of use it will begin to flake.
  • This is a wonderfully light and buildable formula that looks and feels amazing.I am in love!
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  • #101 Blackest Black
  • Lengthening formula glides onto lashes easily and builds quickly for a beautiful, extended luscious look
  • Includes Revlon's Lash Stretch Brush
  • Long brush bristles designed to deliver plush length
  • Available in non-waterproof and waterproof
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