Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara Black - REVIEW

  • Im scared to rate this mascara because I don’t want them to raise the price but the truth is….it is top notch. I love it and will keep ordering it! But shhhh don’t tell the person in charge of pricing.
  • I'm so glad I found this mascara on Amazon, it's very good but hard to find in stores.
  • The value of both of these mascaras was definitely worth it there's a lot of product inside of the bottle I have mascara for the rest of the year. make sure eyelashes pop is beautifully black it's definitely well worth the buy
  • I wasn't sure what to expect out of this mascara with how inexpensive it is but it's actually a pretty good mascara. The color has a nice, rich tone that you would expect from a pricier brand. It's easy to apply and doesn't clump up like some other mascaras do and it wasn't super difficult to remove.
  • I like this mascara and would order it again.It goes on well, it's not clumpy at all and it's easy to wash off at the end of the day.
  • This is by far the best one application and done mascara. You don't have to break it in, it's perfect consistency every time. And even though it's buildable, you can apply one coat and be outta there.. and you can't beat the price! My favorite by a landslide!!! Thank you Rimmel London!!
  • This is great mascara, buildable for thicker lashes. Doesn't clog. I have used this for many years and will continue to do so as long as it's available
  • Cheapest yet best quality for balling on a budget . I’ve purchased more than once
  • This is another great Rimmel mascara, and it comes in a two-pack, usually for less than $5.00.It's my everyday mascara
  • If you like to remove your makeup every night withease, this mascara is for you, I loved how smooth and easy you can put it on, and how easy can be removed.Get it.
  • I love Rimmel mascara and I can't get it in the stores anymore. Amazon's price is fantastic. I love the shape of the brush and how easily the mascara goes on.
  • This is by far the best mascara. Doesn't clump,doesn't smear,or come off. Makes lashes full.
  • I’ve worn this mascara since I was 16…. And it’s been 17 years since then! It never smudges or flakes or clumps. It’s gentle on your eyes and doesn’t cause any irritation. The brush is the best.I do occasionally add a little water to get the consistency I like as it ages, but other than that, it’s perfect. I hope they never stop making it!
  • I love this mascara. When I don't wear my magnetic lashes I use this mascara and I absolutely love it. It is voluminous and extends my lashes definitely recommend
  • Found this mascara on Amazon was not sure if it would work for my lashes. Very good color made my lashes look great.
  • Came in and gave it as a gift I'm not sure if they lived it but I have no complaints about it so far
  • I love this mascara, it leaves my lashes Amazing and lasts all day even though it is washable. It does not have any special name, at first glance it is a normal mascara but nothing is further from the truth... It lifts them up, gives volume and your look changes immediately, it lasts and has an excellent price in 2 Pack.
  • I have used Rimmel cosmetics for ten years. I like this mascara because it doesn't break my lashes. No smell. Some mascaras have a chemical smell. The product is easy to wash off. My eyes are never irritated. The brush wand is the right design to apply product to lashes without clumps. I use other Rimmel products as well I use foundation makeup. I have learned Rimmel products are not tested on animals. This product originally comes from England. My eye lashes are healthy. The more product I apply to my lashes the longer my lashes get. First you would have to start with long lashes the mascara only extends them longer. I think Rimmel make a great product.
  • I love this product and it does exactly what it says. It provides long, natural looking eye lashes.
  • I have been using this mascara for 5 years never changed the brand. Very easy to remove!!! That’s my most concerned.
  • Comes with two under $10 and I bend the brush top..boom mascara for curl and length
  • This is my favorite mascara. I keep trying others, but I always find my way back to this.
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  • Patented lengthening formula gives instantly longer lashes
  • High definition brush with special extra dense bristles designed to contour the eyes, helps to coat each lash individually leaving them lusciously long & defined.
  • Clump-free definition
  • Lengthens and defines even the smallest lash!
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