Rimmel Rimmel scandaleyes volume on demand mascara in 003 extreme black, 0.5 Ounce - REVIEW

  • I’m 55 and have been wearing makeup everyday since I was 13. This is the BEST mascara I’ve ever used and the volume is out of control! It goes on smoothly and plumps my eyelashes more than I’ve ever been able to. Very happy with this product & you just can’t beat the price for such great quality.
  • This mascara is very lovely! It makes me looks like I got false lashes and I didn't have to put any false lashes on!
  • I am a novice at makeup. I don’t like it!!This mascara is incredible. My lashes look amazing!I don’t have raccoon eyes when wearing. Easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • My favorite mascara. Try new ones but always come back. Makes lashes nice & long
  • this isn't the most runny-when-wet mascara I've used at all, but it is definitely not waterproof as stated. that said, it is also my new favorite mascara! i honestly just got it because it was an incredible deal, but will definitely be repurchased! layers on great and really builds without getting weird. doesn't clump up but isn't such thin consistency and over bristled brush that it counters the volume build. i like the length of the bristles too--i always liked clump crusher and falsies, but cc has pretty short bristles on the wand that make it a very specific effort to get the more baby lashes at corners, and falsies is just a tiny bit goopy/wet for me... this is like they had a baby and i get the best of both! and honestly, the way i love to layer it on, I'm glad it isn't hard as eff to remove like falsies waterproof lol
  • I am very happy with this Rimmel Mascara!In my experience, no other brand has come close.This formula really lengthens my lashes, and the volume is out of this world!!My lashes do not stick together when wearing this mascara, and it's very easy to remove with makeup remover.People think that I'm wearing false lashes!!This brand is very reasonable price wise, compared to other popular brands!Why pay $50 for a tube of mascara, when you can pay just over $6 and get better results??I am a Rimmel fan for life!
  • The black is nice on my eyes, and you have to apply a couple of coats to make the length show, but it looks good overall.
  • I was just happy this wasn't dried up when I opened it. Many discounted mascaras are dried up. The wand is a bit thick which makes it difficult to get to the corners or lower lashes. The formula is fine, didn't really lengthen or volumize much, but there's some color on the lashes.
  • i bought this as a gift. she enjoys the way t works as well. thankxs.
  • I don't wear much makeup and found the Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascara to work fine.It does add volume and length to my lashes.The applicator is easy to use; I was able to apply without getting any smudges on my eye area. It applies the mascara nice and thick and really helps my lashes stand out!Lasts a long time, I apply it once and it stays on throughout my workday.Easy to remove: I use a makeup removal cloth.
  • I do not wear mascara often.After trying this it did make my lashes stand out.I like that it is waterproof as one of the primary reasons I do not wear mascara often is that I have sensitive eyes and am often teary.This worked well.Removal wasn't bad either.It performs well for a drugstore brand.
  • I love this mascara, but the wand is huge. It's hard for me to apply without smudging. I don't think I have small eyes, but I'm thinking of changing the wand because I really do love the mascara itself.
  • The Rimmel scalndaleyes volume mascara glides on your lashes without clumping or smearing and lasts all day (or night).Good quality and value.
  • This mascara came well packaged. I especially liked the thick brush, which made application comfortable. I found this mascara to be decent quality. It was indeed waterproof, though I also found it kind of hard to remove.
  • I’ve always been a fan of Rimmel’s mascaras. I don’t always wear waterproof mascara but I like to have a good one when I vacation, swim, tan, and other times where I might get wet. No one wants to have running mascara and raccoon eyes.I really like this version of Rimmel’s waterproof mascara because of the shape of the wand. I love hourglass shaped bristles like this, they really shape my lashes. I like the longer bristles too, shorter ones don’t work well on my lashes.I use coconut oil to remove my makeup including this waterproof mascara. The mascara just melts off with my coconut oil.
  • Overall this is a good mascara. It does as promised, which is give you big fluffy voluminous lashes. The price is great too. The brush was almost surprisingly big when I took it out of the tube, but with a little practice I got the hang of it. The formula was a little dry so I did have to use a few coats, but honestly sometimes I'd rather have that than have to worry about a wetter formula smudging everywhere. It lasted well all day and was easy enough to remove or at least comparable to other mascaras. I'd recommend it!
  • The cosmetics I buy are the best I've used.Mascara doesn't clumps and you can wear it all day !
  • I use Rimmel mascara, because of the value in comparison to many other brands. They once made a scandalous mascara with a very curvy brush which was so much better and I can’t seem to find it. It is not an outrageous product but satisfies my needs. It washes off, and wears out during the day on me. I have tried many brands. It works, had better thicker brush, don’t like skills straight brushes, but that’s a personal choice. For me , it is fine
  • The mascara is lightweight and adds great volume to my lashes without feeling heavy, great packaging, amazing price
  • I love this mascara!It truly makes my lashes look thick and long.My lashes don’t clump together and it comes off extremely well. I’ll buy it over and over again.
  • I love this mascara. It beats most the expensive mascaras. Goes on virtually clump free, extends lashes and removes very easily. Definitely deserves a 5⭐️ Rating!!
  • So far my Wife has been happy with this mascara. She said that it stays on well, no issues with possible smudging. That it does add some volume to her lashes. Not the best mascara she's used, but for what it costs, she's happy with it. Said that there were no issues with clumping, so that was a plus.
  • This is the best mascara and it doesn't cost a fortune!It really does work just as good as others that cost three times as much.I love it!
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara lifts my eyelashes that keep drooping and thinning the older I get.This mascara has an extreme black color and it brings volume and fullness to my eyelashes.I use micellar water to remove it and that takes the mascara off fairly quickly and easily.The brush is standard and the scent is unnoticeable. Good mascara!
  • I use mascara daily and have tried many brands and this is just ok. It takes a few swipes to get it to un-clump and distribute evenly, though that took some getting used to. At first my lashes were just clumped up. But it does last all day without getting everywhere so that's good. I use cliniques take the day off eye remover and I havent met eye make up that cant be taken off in a few swipes by that stuff.
  • I've always liked Rimmel make-up products. They're one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. This mascara doesn't Clump, flake, or smear. And it's easier to remove at the end of the day. I hate a mascara that is clumpy and this is not at all.
  • So far I have been happy with this mascara. It says it is buildable and I found this to be true. I was able to build up the amount of mascara I desired on my lashes without it looking clumpy. It was easy to apply an made my lashes look full. Happy with how they look!
  • This Rimmel mascara is pretty darn good, considering the price. It's definitely not the best I've used, but in the price range it is set at, I would give it a solid 8 out of 10.It doesn't give any extreme volume or length, however with multiple coats, I was able to get good results that looked great all day long.Note that you are going to need to apply multiple coats to get really noticeable results.I'm not a big fan of the shape of the applicator, however I was able to get consistent coverage on all my lashes.If you're in the market for a value priced mascara, this one isn't a bad choice.I had no issue removing it was a basic run of the mill makeup remover.
  • This is a decent, no-clump mascara that works well. At the time of this review the retail price was around $9 which is reasonable for the quality. This works as well as some of the more expensive mascaras I have tried. I like the contoured brush which is unique instead of a tapered or barrel shaped applicator. Overall, a good value for a decent mascara.
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  • Unstoppable volume: Rimmel London Scandaleyes volume on demand extreme black mascara takes lash volume to the next level
  • The right tool for the job: comes with a Max density brush for dangerously bold lashes
  • Say no to smudges: made with a smooth, smudge-free formula
  • Through day and night: perfect for long wear and quick reapplication
  • Easy on, easy off: just as easy to remove as it is to apply
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